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Portfolio 2017 Studio Edition

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Do you:

Have assets everywhere: on a server or individual computers, CDs/DVDs, hard drives, etc?

Waste valuable resources and time looking for assets?

Have assets are in a variety of formats, and without the right software, they are difficult to preview?

Often re-purchase assets that your organisation already owns, because you cannot locate them?

Have multiple “final” versions and no one knows where the latest version is stored?

Then you should definitely be looking for a Digital Asset Management (DAM) System!

Power Creativity, Collaboration and Productivity

Portfolio™ Studio Edition is Extensis DAM solutions for small workgroups and creative teams wrestling with an ever-growing volume of digital content. By delivering visual and contextual insight for every file, Portfolio helps workflows move faster and people connect to their assets, projects and partners.

Say goodbye to poorly organised and disconnected filing systems that limit usage of your organisation’s valuable assets, squander creativity and challenge collaboration. Extensis Portfolio lets you create a single source for all of your images, videos, and documents so you can easily organise, find, manage and use your assets effectively—even as your collection grows.

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