Learn How Courtauld Institute of Art Uses DAM - Extensis.com

Tom Bilson, Head of Digital Media and Geoffrey Lowsley, CMS Officer at the Courtauld Institute of Art share how the Institute uses Digital Asset Management (DAM) combined with their Collections Management System (CMS) to catalogue 3,000,000 images.

Tom will discuss:
•The challenge of sourcing a suitable DAM system to: ◦Catalogue their 3,000,000 images
◦Link in with their CMS, zetcom’s MuseumPlus

•Linking object metadata in their CMS with the Extensis Portfolio digital asset management system
•How they implemented and managed DAM
•How DAM combined with CMS saves time, avoids unnecessary duplication, and enables easy self-service access to files

Norbert Kanter of Zetcom and Richard Bamford of Extensis also discuss how CMS and DAM can benefit your heritage organization