Digital Asset Management Systems for Retail -

Digital Asset Management Systems for Retail

Retail Teams Rely On Effective Distribution

Efficiently moving products from point of origin to point of sale is a critical part of the retail supply chain. Every part of your business should move smoothly as well, including your asset management process. Managing the development and timely distribution of product shots, marketing materials, sales collateral, point of purchase displays and other documents can be a challenge for many teams. With an effective digital asset management solution in place, you can simplify and streamline how your organization handles images and other creative assets with one tool.

Extensis Portfolio Works With Your Retail Workflow

Extensis Portfolio™ is an industry leading digital asset management system that helps retailers more effectively manage their valuable assets by providing a centralized repository to organize, search, convert and instantly distribute approved creative to market and sell your products - including photography, product catalogs, seasonal collections and any other branded collateral.

Extensis Portfolio Is:

  • Easy to use. Simply install the software and start organizing your assets quickly.
  • Centralized. Manage, distribute and archive assets with one tool.
  • Connected. Share asset data with other tools using simple import/export tools.
  • Customizable. Track custom metadata related to your assets, such as product SKU, part number and more.
  • Efficient. Convert assets on-the-fly to other sizes and formats instead of creating and storing unnecessary duplicates.
  • Accessible. Allow other departments, both internal and external, to access approved assets using a self-service web portal.
  • Secure. Control access by assigning different user levels across multiple departments.
  • Streamlined. Review and approve assets with ease using dedicated views for the task at hand.

Extensis Portfolio Is Not:

  • Complex. Portfolio provides core DAM capabilities in a simple, usable solution.
  • Expensive. Portfolio is a modular solution that allows you stay within budget.
  • Rigid. Portfolio easily conforms to your workflow and environment. We don’t force you to use a prescribed workflow.
  • Confusing. You don’t need a DAM expert or advanced technical skills to get started with Portfolio.
  • Third Party dependent. Say goodbye to file sharing services. Portfolio has integrated ways to share with no monthly fees.

Customer Success Stories

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