Digital Asset Management for Professional Sports Photography -

Keep Your Eye on the Ball with Extensis Portfolio

The Sporting Choice

Portfolio is a digital asset management solution that helps professional, collegiate, and amateur sports team departments quickly file, organize and convert photos, videos, and other types of files.

  • Improve efficiency by quickly locating any shot, whether it’s from last night’s game or a decade-old sports moment.
  • Easily show partners photographic documentation of what their sponsorship includes.
  • Enable instant access to the team’s image library to multiple departments within the organization including public relations, sales, corporate partnerships, scoreboard operations, publications, design services, and marketing.
  • Allow outside partners, vendors, members of the press, and sponsors access to sports images using self-service web portals.
  • Batch convert your photos and videos to provide the right files in the right formats and sizes.
  • Organize your files using galleries, folders, and metadata and never worry about trying to find “lost” photos again.

Extensis Portfolio is Quick to Setup and Easy to Use

Portfolio works with your existing file structure, file naming convention, and embedded metadata so you can get up and running quicky. Robust support for Adobe DNG, and popular Camera raw formats means a seamless workflow between Portfolio Server and other pro apps like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and Photo Mechanic.

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