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Stop searching & start using your images

Make your digital assets work for you

New student acquisition, alumni association, fundraising, events and other important activities are essential to every Higher Education Institution — and require access to the right digital assets to pull off. But with the overwhelming volume of digital files to keep track of, locating existing assets can be a time consuming and frustrating task. Extensis Portfolio™ makes it simple.

Portfolio Increases Productivity

Instantly Find What You Need

Flipping through stacks of discs, scanning external hard drives, and thumbing through contact sheets takes forever. Additionally, there’s no guarantee you will even find what you’re looking for, causing you to waste countless hours. Portfolio eliminates this headache and helps you find exactly what you need by providing a centralized, instantly searchable library of assets.

Distribute Assets in a Snap

Assuming you’ve located the file, getting it to the person who needs it can involve several steps. Within Portfolio, you can email any asset in seconds using the dashboard, or create an online portal to share a library of frequently requested files. Now, instead of fulfilling requests, you can empower faculty and staff by providing an easy-to-use self-service website they can access anytime, from anywhere.

Repurpose Existing Photos and Creative

Frequently, it’s quicker to repurpose existing content instead of starting from scratch. Because Portfolio can catalog all campus photography, campaigns, newsletters, annual reports and other creative material, existing assets are always at your fingertips. Additionally, the built-in version management system will keep everyone in sync and allow you to revert to previous versions.

Track Image Releases and Other Metadata

Keeping track of rights and usage information is difficult, and can easily be disconnected from the asset it relates to. Fortunately, Portfolio ensures you always have visibility to this information by allowing you to associate the appropriate model release with each asset. It also provides simple ways to visually alert you if the release is missing.

Extensis Portfolio Is:

  1. Easy to use – We made digital asset management straight forward and simple for everyone to use, not just techies.
  2. Centralized – Streamline administrative tasks by maintaining a single asset repository.
  3. Flexible – Faculty, staff or entire departments can independently manage their own catalogs customized to fit their specific workflow, keywords, taxonomy, etc.
  4. Accessible – Capture, catalog and share assets in minutes, not weeks.
  5. Scalable – Modular design allows you to add features and capacity when your needs change.
  6. Affordable – Low entry point, modular structure makes Portfolio perfect for Higher Education.

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