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The DAM Toolkit: Start Here

All the resources you'll need to determine the right DAM solution for you.

Practical Guidance for Selecting the Right DAM Solution

A Digital Asset Management (DAM) System can improve productivity and provide sanity to organizations that maintain large collections of digital content. To get the maximum benefit from DAM within your organization, conduct due diligence up front to educate yourself, evaluate your needs and the available technology, and plan a strategy to implement a solution to meet those needs. This toolkit will help to give you direction to navigate through this process.

If you're not exactly sure what digital asset management is or if it's appropriate for your organization, use the below material to discover the tangible benefits of digital asset management.

Choosing a DAM Solution

Have you decided to implement a digital asset management solution, but don't know where to start or who to engage? These worksheets will point you in the right direction and get you asking the right questions.


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“If I am doing a project that requires image research, it (Portfolio) cuts the time by a third.”

Mark Lefkin Vice President, Creative Services
Baylor University

“By simply connecting our cameras with Extensis’ digital asset management system, what used to take hours now takes seconds, and our engagement numbers on social media have skyrocketed.”

Robbie Rogers, Director of Photography
Courtauld Institute of Art

“Portfolio Server delivers a crucial connection between our collection management portal and our vast collection of high-quality images. By leveraging the tools within Portfolio Server across the institute and from within our collections management system we will be able to make the images available to all of our students – a priority that we have now been able to make a reality.”

Tom Bilson Head of Digital Media