Benefits of Font Management -

Why Choose Professional Font Management?

Creative Professionals Deserve Professional Tools

You need the right tools for the job

If you’re working with professional design tools a professional font manager is a necessary addition to your toolset. Basic font managers, like Apple's Font Book and other free tools, are not designed to meet the demanding needs of creative pros.

A professional font manager:
  • Auto-activates (and deactivates) the exact fonts when required
  • Plugs-in to professional creative applications
  • Stores fonts in a safe, secure location
  • Provides quick preview and search tools
  • Enables custom font organization
  • Automatically scans and repairs font corruption issues
  • Cleans potentially problematic system font caches
  • Provides uninterrupted font management even when the application is not running

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Auto-activation Plug-ins

Professional design tools give you unprecedented control over your creative workflow. Extensis font managers include auto-activation plug-ins for the most common design applications, including Adobe® Illustrator®, InDesign®, Photoshop®, InCopy®, After Effects® and QuarkXPress®, seamlessly activating fonts when required.

Precise Font Matching

Using the proper fonts with each document can be critical to obtain the correct final product - document, PDF, graphic, website and more. Font substitutions and mismatches can cause unexpected changes, text reflows and potential output problems. Extensis font managers include patented Font Sense™ technology that accurately identifies and matches the correct fonts used in each document.

Find Fonts Fast

With large font collections, it can be difficult to locate the right font when you need it. Extensis font managers provide robust search and font preview features making it easy to find exactly what you need quickly. Use QuickMatch™ to browse for similar fonts, and QuickType™ to preview any text using your fonts.

Safe Font Repository

You've spent a lot of time and money building collection. Treat your fonts well, by keeping them safe from inadvertent deletion or corruption. Extensis font managers use Font Vault™ technology to securely store, organize and protect your fonts in a location that's easily backed-up and moved to new machines.

Extensis Font Management Products

At Extensis, we live and breathe fonts.

We build a wide variety of font management tools that are designed to take the pain out of managing fonts. Whether you're working on your own, with a small team, or as part of an enterprise organization, we have a solution to fit your needs.