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Planning For The Demise Of PostScript Fonts

We’ll weather this together.


It should come as no surprise that Adobe will discontinue support for PostScript Type 1 fonts. The software provider announced this change was coming nearly two years ago.
What is surprising — just how many PostScript Type 1 fonts may be present in your creative and brand assets.
Extensis is here to help you create a plan for managing these assets once the fonts in question are no longer supported.

Visit our PostScript Resource Hub for more information and the latest insights.

What We’ll Cover

Our goal is to empower you for the upcoming change in PostScript Type 1 fonts support from Adobe.

As you know, fonts can behave wildly differently when it comes to text wrapping in certain types of files.

We’ll cover multiple approaches to quickly identifying PostScript Type 1 fonts in use, making effective substitutions, and creating a strategy for managing a high volume of documents that require updates.


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