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PostScript Fonts Disruption
Doesn’t Have To Ruin Your Flow

With The Right Steps, You Can Still Deliver Remarkable Design

Are You Ready For This? We Can Help.

Adobe’s decision to end support for PostScript Type 1 fonts will affect every part of your workflow. But by taking the right steps, your work can shine across every platform and channel.

Find PostScript Type 1 Fonts
Identify your PostScript Type 1 fonts and where they’re being used. There won’t be a single solution for everyone, so it’ll take some time to create a plan that works for you.
Update Document Templates
Pinpointing projects that contain PostScript Type 1 fonts will be critical. You’ll need to find and update these documents and templates.
Replacing Fonts
Finding close matches to PostScript Type 1 fonts will be a top priority. You’ll need replacements that are easy to acquire without altering your designs.

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The Demise Of PostScript Fonts

Overcome this shift in the design landscape so you can create your best work. Watch our webinar to prepare for the end of support for PostScript Type 1 fonts in Adobe. We’ll cover everything from how to identify PostScript Type 1 fonts in your workflow to finding the perfect replacements.

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