Non-profits Improve Fundraising and Increase Efficiencies with Extensis’ Digital Asset Management Solutions -

Non-profits Improve Fundraising and Increase Efficiencies with Extensis’ Digital Asset Management Solutions

PORTLAND, Ore. – January 11, 2011 – Non-profit organizations across the world continue to face economic and fundraising challenges, with increasing pressures to do more with less. Some, however, are finding innovative and affordable ways to fortify their efforts by utilizing Extensis’ digital asset management (DAM) solution.

Both the Children’s Hospital Trust (Boston) and Human Rights Campaign (Washington, D.C.) are two non-profits using Extensis’ Portfolio Server® and NetPublish® software to better leverage their marketing initiatives while improving overall efficiencies. By implementing Extensis’ DAM solutions, these organizations are now quickly developing impactful fundraising programs and improving public outreach by making photos and digital files publicly accessible. Extensis’ DAM solutions have also helped these non-profits preserve historical records and improve accountability by tracking how files and associated resources are being used, both imperatives for compliance.

Extensis’ Solution Scales with Children’s Hospital Trust’s Growing Catalog of Digital Assets

Having reached the limits of its intranet portal, Children’s Hospital Trust, the philanthropic resource for Children’s Hospital Boston, required a more robust DAM solution to manage their increasing collection of photos. The organization also sought a solution that would scale with its expanding catalog of digital assets, while ensuring overall security and compliance.

“Portfolio Server was selected because of its speed, cross-platform support, and user friendly interface,” said Christopher Maddocks, Director, Information Management and Technology, Children’s Hospital Trust. “Since implementation, we’ve now moved well beyond photos. The system allows us to instantly find videos, design files, create promotional materials or locate photos for use in our fundraising programs. It also helps our communications group meet strict security and compliance requirements, while giving us an extensible platform that we can tailor to our evolving DAM needs.”

Human Rights Campaign Reaches Wide Audience with a “Click of a Button”

Human Rights Campaign, America’s largest LGBT civil rights organization, turned to Extensis to help centralize and manage its’ extensive library of digital assets, as the organization’s educational slant required quick delivery of materials to a wide audience.

“Previously, locating digital media for our magazines, publications, and retail stores required looking in multiple places throughout our network. Now that we’ve implemented Portfolio Server, everyone can quickly find what they need by looking in one place,” said Sascha Heller, Senior Applications Systems Analyst, Human Rights Campaign. “A big part of what we do is educational, media and member outreach, and Portfolio Server helps us quickly deliver our message to a wide audience. With the click of a button our marketing and retail departments can automatically publish materials to a self-service web portal that is accessible by our staff and external partners.”

A Ground Swell

The Children’s Hospital Trust and Human Rights Campaign join a long list of non-profit and charitable organizations to implement the Extensis Portfolio DAM solution. Others include: The National Wildlife Federation, Christian Aid, Comic Relief, National Gallery of Art, The National Gallery of London, and The Sydney Opera House.

About Portfolio Server

Portfolio Server improves efficiency by ensuring users have immediate access to the correct files in the desired format in a central location. It is the only digital asset management solution that is affordable, simple to use, can be setup within a day, and provides everything organizations need to get started right out of the box. In September 2010, Extensis launched Portfolio Server 9.5, further improving efficiency with enhanced Web Client features for quickly viewing and selecting files along with expanded file format support.
As a standards-based platform that works with other systems and existing workflows, Portfolio Server provides a single place to for teams to locate important files with consistent metadata information using a web browser or Mac and Windows desktop applications. Portfolio Server is ideal for anyone with large collections of images, videos, and marketing collateral.

Getting Started

Extensis works with a wide variety of non-profit and for profit customers, and offers discounts for non-profit, government and educational institutions. To learn more about customers using Extensis’ solutions, visit

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About Extensis
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