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Leading Toy Maker Spin Master Ltd. Uses Extensis Universal Type Server to Manage Fonts for Popular Toys’ Packaging

PORTLAND, Ore. — May 3, 2011 — Extensis® today announced that the global children’s entertainment company Spin Master Ltd., maker of popular toy brands including Air Hogs, Bakugan, and Zoobles, is using Extensis Universal Type Server® to manage and distribute fonts to its creative teams across the globe.

From a single server at Spin Master’s global headquarters in Toronto, the company is able to distribute fonts to a worldwide team, ensuring consistency across all steps of the packaging creation process, from creation to end product. With creative teams spanning three continents in London, Toronto, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and China, Universal Type Server enables easy access to licensed fonts, providing greater creative freedom to its design teams.

“With a wide range of toy brands, managing the look and feel of the packaging can be as imperative as the toy itself,” said Srjdan Bozic, Digital Workflow Manager in the packaging design group at Spin Master. “Universal Type Server has enabled us to ensure that all fonts in our workflow are appropriately licensed and available to the right members of our creative teams. Everything is managed from a single server at our headquarters, reducing the headache that is often involved in managing multiple servers in different locations.”

Spin Master is part of a growing list of leading global brands that entrust font compliance for their workflow to Universal Type Server. Managing fonts from a single location across multiple offices, divisions and brands, companies can reduce font compliance issues, increase efficiencies in IT and creative departments, and manage a consistent look and feel, an imperative for effective brand development.

Universal Type Server is the only font server that helps entire organizations avoid legal trouble with fonts, while helping creative professionals become more productive. To learn more about Universal Type Server, visit http://typeserver.com

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Extensis® is a leading developer of software and services for creative professionals and workgroups. Their solutions streamline workflows, securely manage digital assets and fonts, and control corporate typographic branding. Used by hundreds of Fortune 5000 companies, Extensis’ award–winning server, desktop, and web service products include: Portfolio Server® for digital asset management, Universal Type Server® for server–based font management, Suitcase Fusion® for single–user font management, and the WebINK® web font rental service. Founded in 1993, Extensis is based in Portland, Oregon, and the United Kingdom.

About Spin Master Ltd.
A multi-category children’s entertainment company since 1994, Spin Master has been designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing consumer products for children around the world and is recognized as a global growth leader within the toy industry. Spin Master is best known for such popular brands as boy’s action phenomena and 2010 Boys Toy of the Year winner Bakugan Battle Brawlers™, and award-winning brands Air Hogs®, Aquadoodle™, Tech Deck™, Moon Sand™, Liv™, and Zoobles™. The company has also marked an entry into children’s media with the launch of Spin Master Entertainment, a subsidiary focusing on the design, development and production of television and other media properties. Spin Master employs over 900 people with offices in Toronto, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Mexico, Munich, and central Europe. For additional information please visit: www.spinmaster.com.

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