IT-Enquirer Selects Extensis’ WebINK to Present Highest Quality Typography on Web Site -

IT-Enquirer Selects Extensis’ WebINK to Present Highest Quality Typography on Web Site

Northampton, UK, November 24, 2010 – Extensis®, a division of Celartem Inc., today announced that IT-Enquirer, recognized as one of the most important online information resources for cross media publishers, has selected the WebINK®web font service to present the highest-quality typography on its Web site.

“To be ahead of the pack in digital publishing, it is essential to test and implement the newest, most innovative technologies available today,” said Erik Vlietinck of IT-Enquirer. “WebINK allows us to make another leap forward by delivering the latest in typography and Web design to our community.”

Until recently, Web designers for sites like IT-Enquirer not only had limited choices of fonts available, but multiple legal and technical challenges. Extensis’ recent debut of WebINK breaks down these barriers, with access to more than 2,000 high-quality Web fonts from the most respected type foundries across the globe.

With WebINK, Web designers select their typefaces, and integrate their selections directly in their site’s CSS using the @font-face tag. WebINK delivers the right font for the right browser. Web designers can improve Web site accessibility and enhance search engine optimization with WebINK, both keys to differentiation in today’s highly competitive online world. WebINK also unlocks the same potential in Web design as traditionally seen in print publishing through its vast font library.

“As publishing is evolving and organizations face the challenge of maintaining a consistent brand presence, having a service that includes extensive font options available is critical,” said Thomas Phinney, Senior Product Manager, Fonts & Typography at Extensis. “IT-Enquirer is a leading edge source for IT, creative and publishing professionals who utilize and review the latest in technology and publishing. We are honored IT-Enquirer has selected WebINK to deliver the best Web typography to their readers.”

IT-Enquirer has selected several new typefaces for its site, including Proxima Nova for the headlines and Criterion for the body copy. Both web fonts from the reputable URW++ Type Foundry are available for use from WebINK.

Other foundries currently featured on WebINK include:

  • Dalton Maag
  • Darden Studio
  • exljbris
  • Jan Fromm
  • Mark Simonson Studio
  • P22 (including Lanston Type Company, Sherwood Type Collection, Rimmer Type Foundry, and International House of Fonts)
  • Porchez Typofonderie
  • ShinnType
  • TypeTogether


WebINK Free 30-day trial

To get started using WebINK, all new users automatically receive the first 30 days free of charge. By providing quality web font selections without charge, WebINK encourages creativity and design experimentation previously unavailable in web design.

About WebINK

WebINK is the standards-compliant solution for bringing live fonts into any web site without font licensing or file format hassles. Simply by integrating a small piece of code into a site’s CSS code, WebINK delivers custom fonts to any browser instantly. Stocked exclusively with professional-quality typefaces, WebINK unleashes creative freedom to Web designers and Web developers–enabling them to push the limits of web design while maintaining brand standards and search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. To learn more about WebINK, visit

About IT-Enquirer

IT Enquirer delivers information, market analyses, reports and videocasts and other resources that help all types of publishers – book, magazine, corporate and technical – achieve greater profits. IT Enquirer is recognized as one of the most important online information resources for cross media publishers. Starting out as a web magazine targeting creative professionals, IT Enquirer’s website was developed in 1999. In 2008, the site evolved into an information and analysis resource for businesses involved in a publishing workflow.

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Extensis® is a leading developer of software and services for creative professionals and workgroups. Their solutions streamline workflows, securely manage digital assets and fonts, and control corporate typographic branding. Used by hundreds of Fortune 5000 companies, Extensis’ award-winning server, desktop, and web service products include: Portfolio Server® for digital asset management, Universal Type Server® for server-based font management, Suitcase Fusion® for single-user font management, and the WebINK® web font rental service. Founded in 1993, Extensis is based in Portland, Oregon, and the United Kingdom. Extensis is wholly owned by Celartem Technology Inc., (JASDAQ Exchange: 4330). For additional information, visit

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