Font Reserve 3.1 Streamlines Font Management for Publishing Environments Based on Adobe Products and Mac OS X -

Font Reserve 3.1 Streamlines Font Management for Publishing Environments Based on Adobe Products and Mac OS X

New York, NY – July 17, 2002 – At Macworld Expo today, DiamondSoft Inc. announced an update to Font Reserve Single User. Targeted at publishing workflows based on Adobe products and Mac OS X, Font Reserve Single User provides auto-activation for most popular publishing programs, support for additional font formats, and an improved method for handling system fonts. The update is slated to ship in August 2002.

Featured in live demonstrations in booth #772, version 3.1 provides plug-ins to automatically activate fonts for documents opened in Adobe? InDesign? 2.0 and Adobe Illustrator? 10, both Mac OS X-native applications. Font Reserve’s auto-activation plugins take advantage of DiamondSoft’s proprietary Font Sense technology, which is designed to provide absolute font identification.

“Font Reserve 3.1’s auto-activation for applications like Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator assists customers by uniquely identifying and activating the fonts they need, and supports a more automated workflow,” said Harold Grey, group product manager of Type at Adobe. “DiamondSoft’s FontSense technology is key. It spares end users the struggle of identifying the fonts used in a document and avoids the perils of inadvertently using the incorrect version of a font with a document.”

To ensure that users can manage all their fonts with Font Reserve, version 3.1 adds support for OpenType?, the joint Adobe and Microsoft cross-platform font standard. The update also adds support for Windows TrueType fonts, Apple’s datafork (dFont) fonts, and double-byte fonts for access to Asian character sets. “Open Type and Mac OS X are the future of publishing,” said Brian Berson, president and founder of DiamondSoft. “The OpenType standard solves many problems inherent to old font formats, including the confusion of multiple files. What you have with OpenType is a single, cross – platform file, capable of containing more than 65,000 characters that display beautifully at any resolution.”

Font Reserve is the only font manger to provide a System Font Handler, which solves the confusion and conflicts associated with storing and activating fonts via the many Mac OS X System Fonts folders. In version 3.1, users now have a completely automated method for moving nonessential fonts out of these folders and into Font Reserve. By managing all their fonts with Font Reserve, users know exactly what fonts they have and which ones are active at all times. This update also includes an updated Font Sense XTension to provide auto-activation for QuarkXPress 5 documents.

About Font Reserve 3.1
Through its unparalleled database architecture, Font Reserve 3.1 continues to provide powerful features for organizing, finding, and tracking fonts. The Browser, a window into the Font Reserve Database, offers intuitive drag-and-drop methods for adding fonts, creating sets, and exporting fonts. In addition, sophisticated previewing and printing features make it easy for users to explore their font libraries. Font Reserve 3.1 complements DiamondSoft’s full suite of font management applications, including Font Reserve Server for workgroups and Font Reserve Single User for Windows.
DiamondSoft, Inc., based in Mill Valley, CA, was founded in 1995 to solve the font management problems of the publishing industry. Its mission is to provide software tools that enable professionals to focus on the creative aspects of their jobs, letting the computer handle the mundane and laborious aspects. For more information, please visit, or send email to

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