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PORTLAND, OR – May 12, 2022

Extensis Unveils New Cloud-Based Platform for Font Management and Digital Asset Management

PORTLAND, OR. Extensis announced today it has fused its font management and digital asset management solutions into a new cloud-based platform that makes sharing across teams, collaborating between creatives, and working with clients easier than ever.

For nearly three decades, Extensis has helped hundreds of thousands of creative professionals streamline their workflows. From font auto-activation plug-ins and tools for quickly finding design assets to tracking compliance and finding creative inspiration, Extensis tools reduce workflow chaos so designers can focus on actual creative work.

Today, Extensis is releasing Extensis Connect™, a centralized platform for creatives to manage all their design assets. Extensis Vice President of Research and Development, Chad Slater, is optimistic that the new platform will benefit their customers, saying —

“Extensis has empowered creatives for 29 years, and in that time, we’ve had the privilege of observing how workflows have changed. Things move so much faster now. Design tools are so much more flexible and precise, remote collaboration is the norm rather than the exception, and the standards for creative work have never been higher. People need solutions that truly support how they work individually and how they work together. We built Extensis Connect to fully support our customers’ needs in changing workplaces and a rapidly evolving industry, so they can cut down on busywork and focus on the real work.”

Extensis Connect is made up of two products available in one platform: Connect Fonts™, a cloud-based font management system, and Connect Assets™, an easy-to-use digital asset management system.

Connect Fonts: The Future of Font Management, Powered by Suitcase Fusion

Connect Fonts is the next evolution of Suitcase Fusion™, bringing together its most popular features with new innovations that make font management more intuitive, powerful, and collaborative. Now available in the cloud, fonts collections are more accessible and easier to share between teammates and clients.

Connect Fonts also includes more granular search options with the ability to use abstract search terms like adjectives and genres, delivering more refined search results. Additionally, Connect Fonts includes customizable tags for improved findability so designers can tag fonts by terms that make sense for them, such as project or client name.

Connect Assets: Cloud-Based Digital Asset Management for Teams of All Sizes

Connect Assets is a centralized location where designers can stash all the assets they need for their work, from brand logos to presentation templates. Once uploaded, these assets are accessible by the whole team, and users can also grant access to third party users, such as clients or freelance collaborators.

What sets Connect Assets apart from other tools used to store and share assets online is discoverability. Connect Assets automatically tags every asset uploaded with smart keywords, which makes search functionality more sensitive. This makes it faster and easier for creatives to find the asset they need, when they need it.


Connect Fonts and Connect Assets are available via annual subscriptions today. To learn more, click here.

About Extensis

Extensis broke ground in 1993 in Portland, Ore., with the express goal of removing the barriers that impede creativity. Since it began its mission in earnest 28 years ago, Extensis has worked with hundreds of thousands of creative professionals and organizations around the globe to accelerate their workflows through powerful digital asset and font management solutions. In reflecting on its work with customers, Extensis has arrived at one simple truth: When you remove the appropriate barriers, people are freed to invent amazing. To learn more about the company, visit our website or follow Extensis on Twitter @extensis

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