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Extensis Ships Free Suitcase Plug-in for InDesign 2.0

Portland, Ore. – October 9, 2002 – Extensis is now shipping a free Suitcase plug-in for Adobe InDesign that automatically activates fonts used in InDesign documents. The plug-in ensures that any time an InDesign 2.0 file is opened, the exact fonts used in the file are automatically activated.

The plug-in will be free-of-charge to registered Suitcase 10 users utilizing Mac OS X, and is available now through the Extensis web site at http://cde.extensis.com/suitcase.

“InDesign has proven to be a leading layout and design solution for creative professionals,” said Michael Wong, Suitcase product manager. “But what’s really important to InDesign users is to make sure the same font they have designated gets activated every time they open a file. By incorporating Apple’s FontSync technology into this plug-in, Extensis equips InDesign users with a font management solution that ensures the correct font will be automatically activated every time.”

Importance of Apple FontSync
The Suitcase 10 plug-in utilizes the industry standard font matching technology developed by Apple Computer. FontSync, built into every version of Mac OS 9 and above including Mac OS X, provides a way to identify fonts beyond simply the font name. Identification is based on the content of the font, such as whether or not the font is Postscript or Truetype, what the kerning has been set to, and which ligatures it includes. Using Apple’s FontSync in conjunction with Suitcase 10 ensures the exact font used to create a document is used when the document is edited at a later date.

“Creative professionals are increasingly looking for ways to improve productivity,” said Mark Niemann-Ross, InDesign developer evangelist at Adobe. “Extensis’ Suitcase 10 offers InDesign users an efficient way to manage fonts without compromising the tools they need to be effective in today’s market.”

About Suitcase 10
Extensis Suitcase 10 is the fastest way to work with fonts. Packed with automated features that help you preview, organize and activate your fonts, Suitcase 10 makes it easy to find the right font fast. Activate only the fonts you need, preview fonts in several different ways, collect fonts for output, and create sample pages-Suitcase does it all. Suitcase 10 also allows users to connect to Suitcase Server and synchronize fonts and files, including graphics, photos and text files. For additional information on new Extensis Suitcase 10, visit: cde.extensis.com/suitcaseten. For information on font management and Mac OS X, visit: http://cde.extensis.com/products/2d.html

Pricing and Availability
The English version of Suitcase 10.1.3 is available now for download from the Extensis web site. Suitcase 10.1.3 is available for a suggested retail price of $99.95US for full product, $59.95US for upgrades from previous versions of Suitcase. The Suitcase Plug-In for Adobe InDesign 2.0 is free to all registered users of Suitcase 10 using Mac OS X.

System Requirements
Suitcase 10.1.3 will support Macintosh Operating System 8.6-9.2.2 and Mac OS X (v 10.1.1 and higher) and requires a Macintosh Power PC or equivalent, 14 MB of hard disk space and 32 MB RAM for Mac OS 8.6 -9.2.2 or 128 MB RAM for Mac OS X. The Suitcase Plug-In for Adobe InDesign requires Adobe InDesign 2.0 or higher and Mac OS X (v. 10.1.5 or higher).


About Extensis, Inc.
Extensis Inc., a Celartem company, is the world’s leading provider of software solutions that empower digital asset creators and users. Extensis’ award winning products are used by hundreds of Fortune 5000 companies and include: Suitcase and Font Reserve for font management, Portfolio for asset management, and plug-in enhancements for Photoshop and QuarkXPress. Extensis was founded in 1993 and is based in Portland, Oregon and the United Kingdom. Extensis is a wholly owned subsidiary of Celartem Technology USA Inc., which is wholly owned by Celartem Technology Inc., (Hercules: 4330). For additional information, please visit our website at http://cde.extensis.com or call 1-800-796-9798.

About Celartem
Celartem Technology, Inc was established in 1996 to develop innovative technologies for storage, access and distribution of rich media content.Celartem has developed technology in the areas of digital image compression, scalable image viewing and secure content distribution and management . On December 11, 2001, Celartem was listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange, NASDAQ Japan Market (now Hercules:4330). Celartem is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with wholly owned subsidiary, Celartem Technology USA INC. in New York, and also operates in the US and Europe through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Extensis, Inc. and LizardTech Inc.

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