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Extensis Reveals Predictions for Font Management in 2013

PORTLAND, Ore.—December 11, 2012—As 2012 comes to a close, Extensis’ font management team reflected on the year to capture the big trends from 2012, and make predictions for what’s ahead for 2013.


2012 in Review: Fonts Get Closer to the Design Workflow; Big Brands Got Smacked for Misuse


In 2012, Extensis observed a number of new developments that wove fonts more tightly into the creative workflow. For instance, font managers extended font browsing and activation into the core creative applications including Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, allowing users to more quickly browse, and activate fonts from their collection.


Additionally, type foundries and web font services extended their support of web fonts to allow licensed use in more locations. For example, WebINK and Google Web Fonts became directly accessible for free in Adobe Photoshop through the Web Font Plug-in. By integrating font tools more directly into creative applications, major headaches were removed from the design process.


However, it was the importance of font compliance that might have gained the most exposure in 2012 due to a number of high profile lawsuits that centered on font infringement and misuse. TBS, NBC and Presidential candidate Mitt Romney all got caught up in font licensing questions and lawsuits, revealing just how significant the ramifications can be.


2013 Forecast: Font Compliance Enforcement Becomes Commonplace; Font Accessibility Expands


Because of increased attention from the 2012 lawsuits, Extensis expects a heightened effort on the part of designers and any content publishers to determine whether the fonts they are using are being used legally and in accordance with license agreements.


Type foundries are expected to enforce the appropriate use of licensed fonts as they seek to protect their work, making it essential for the industry to manage font compliance carefully. 


IT managers will be the catalyst that spearheads the shift towards treating font licensing as firms do any other piece of software. Tracking the installation and usage of fonts will also increase in importance as more organizations fall victim to font-related lawsuits due to lack of oversight and effective distribution. Wherever fonts are used, compliance will be more tightly controlled and monitored. Starting with the creative teams, and also extending to any team that needs custom fonts to maintain brand consistency – sales, marketing, administration and beyond.


Extensis also expects to see the integration of fonts, font selection and usage to be more tightly tied to the creative process – whatever the type of project – print, web, and beyond. Font management applications will integrate more tightly into critical professional design applications, and provide seamless font access with a minimum amount of effort.


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