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Extensis Announces QX-Tools Pro for QuarkXPress 4 and 5

Macworld Conference and Expo, San Francisco, Calif. – January 8, 2002 – Extensis today announced the release of QX-Tools Pro, a major upgrade to its award winning XTensions module for QuarkXPress 4 and 5. QX-Tools Pro offers users a number of tools to increase productivity and efficiency for creative professionals using QuarkXPress. Extensis is highlighting the new product with theatre presentations and demonstrations at Macworld Expo at booth number 2217.

“QX-Tools Pro makes using QuarkXPress easier and saves users valuable time,” said Ginna Baldassarre, QX-Tools Pro product manager for Extensis. “Creative professionals need to make the most of the time they have. The XTensions in QX-Tools Pro increase a creative professional’s efficiency, saving them a lot of time at little cost.”

From graphic designers to publishers, experienced users to novices; QX-Tools Pro offers timesaving benefits and productivity enhancing tools for working in QuarkXPress. To keep creative professionals focused on the design and distribution of their documents, Extensis has enhanced QX-Tools Pro with easy-to-use features for increased productivity. New features include the ability to import Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint files into a new document, an innovative palette for utilizing and accessing QuarkXPress shortcuts and a simple collection and distribution feature for sending documents directly to a prepress or printing house.

“QX-Tools Pro is complimentary to QuarkXPress. This is an impressive enhancement to an excellent product,” said Brett Mueller, senior product manager for QuarkXPress. “We appreciate Extensis’ commitment to our shared customers by releasing a new QX-Tools product just as we are poised to release a new version of QuarkXPress.”

New Features in QX-Tools Pro:
QX-Import – Publishers can now import Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint documents without having to recreate them in QuarkXPress. Users simply import the preexisting piece into their QuarkXPress document using the QX-Import tool. Each page may be imported as an EPS file and will be imported with the same attributes as the print preview window in those respective parent applications. EPS files will be imported as vector EPS files allowing for editing of those images in programs such as Adobe Illustrator.

QX-Shortcuts – For either new users or seasoned veterans of QuarkXPress, the abundance of more than 350 keyboard shortcuts can be overwhelming. QX-Shortcuts helps users expose buried shortcuts and execute ones used most frequently. With QX-Shortcuts, users will see predetermined sets, logically organized the same way as Quark’s menus. Users can also create a custom set of their favorite shortcuts.

QX-Collect&Send – Any QuarkXPress user that works directly with prepress or print houses can utilize the QX-Collect&Send tool to ensure every outgoing document has complete files. This tool collects all fonts and images (including those fonts and images in EPS files) from a QuarkXPress document and allows users to easily upload files to an FTP site of their choice. Users can also create shortcuts for various FTP sites for quick transmission of their job.

Additional Features in QX-Tools Pro:
QX-Scaler – Resizes groups of QuarkXPress objects with flexible precision and the ability to undo. Select only the attributes you desire to scale.

QX-FindChange – Extends searching and replacing to over 50 item attributes across all QuarkXPress items. Increase flexibility using greater (>) and less than (<) symbols when searching.

QX-Layers – Use layers for the layout flexibility that designer’s need.

QX-ItemStyles – Extends style sheets to QuarkXPress items. Edit any of over 50 item attributes in the style instantly updates all affected items, ensuring design consistency and fast global changes.

QX-Viewer – Navigate your multiple spread documents effortlessly with thumbnail previews.

QX-Character – Quickly adjust the attributes of a character such as font size, angle, baseline shift or kerning, all through one simple palette.

QX- Object – Adjust text and picture boxes, including frame thickness and shading, box skew, background shading, text inset, gutter width, and number of columns.

QX- Paragraph – Adjust paragraph indentation and spacing.

QX-Rule – Set and adjust paragraph rule properties including creation of rules above and below, rule thickness, and inset.

Pricing and Availability
The English version of QX-Tools Pro will be available for download from the Extensis web site in March 2002. QX-Tools Pro is available for a suggested retail price starting at $199.95US for full product. French, German and Japanese language product will be available in the second quarter of 2002.

System Requirements
QX-Tools Pro will support Macintosh Operating System 8.6 – 9.x and is fully compatible with Mac OS X Classic environment and operates with QuarkXPress 4.x – 5.0.

QX-Tools Pro will also support Windows 98SE, ME, NT, XP and 2000 and operates with QuarkXPress 4.x – 5.0.

About Extensis, Inc.
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