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Extensis and Typefi Partner to Streamline Font Management in Automated Publishing

Portland, Ore.―August 2, 2016―Extensis® announced today it is partnering with Typefi®, the world’s leading provider of single-source automated software for print, online and mobile publishing. The companies will integrate Extensis’ font management solutions with Typefi’s end-to-end publishing platform, eliminating font issues that can derail the automated process.

“Fonts are critical to all steps in the publishing process. They can also be the source of time consuming mishaps. Just one incorrect font can disrupt automated processes and put projects behind schedule,” said Toby Martin, VP of Development & Strategy at Extensis. “Through our partnership with Typefi, we’re focused on applying the benefits of font management to automated publishing workflows so fonts can’t wreak havoc.”

“Typefi helps customers publish any content to any format, faster. Our goal is to help customers get their content to market quickly, whilst maintaining accuracy and supporting beautifully-crafted design,” said Caleb Clauset, Typefi VP Product. “We’re excited to work with Extensis to further accelerate Typefi workflows by integrating seamless font management.”

Further details of the collaboration will be released in the weeks ahead.

About Typefi
Founded in 2001, Typefi empowers publishers to publish more content to more formats, faster, by automating the things publishers do every day. Working with organizations in over 20 countries around the world, Typefi’s portfolio of customers encompasses names such as Cambridge University Press, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Lonely Planet. For more information visit

About Extensis
Extensis font management solutions, including Universal Type Server® and FontLink™, help companies centralize their font collections, banish font issues and protect organizations from costly compliance issues. For more than two decades, Extensis has helped companies like CBS, Conde Nast and Hallmark streamline their font management so they can focus on their creative process.

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