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Portland, OR - January 10, 2018

Extensis and LizardTech Divisions of Celartem Report 2017 a Year of Innovation, Growth and Record Customer Satisfaction

A longstanding member of Extensis’ leadership team and champion for customer success, Martin to lead the company’s global strategy and operations

Celartem® today announced 2017 was a hallmark year for product innovations across its Extensis® and LizardTech® divisions, reinforced by its highest customer satisfaction scores on record, industry accolades and growth in key business segments.

“In 2017, Celartem redefined the role of our digital media and data management solutions in business workflows,” said Osamu Ikeda, President and CEO of Celartem. “Customer needs are converging when it comes to managing digital content, whether it’s images, geospatial data or font collections. Having expertise in each of these areas, we’re in a unique position to cross-pollinate innovations and deliver advanced solutions to the market.”

Major advancements and achievements in 2017 included: 

  • The Convergence of Digital Asset Management with Geospatial Technology – Extensis and LizardTech teamed up to co-develop Extensis Portfolio™ 2017, delivering the industry’s first digital asset management (DAM) solution with advanced file compression, zoom-technology, geo-referencing and map views. The union not only advances capabilities for traditional DAM workgroups, but extends the value into new industries such as geospatial, infrastructure, departments of transportation, tourism, agriculture, and engineering.
  • Amplification of Rights Management in Portfolio 2017 – Building on its expertise in rights management in relation to fonts, Extensis extended the value to digital assets, partnering with FADEL® to integrate their Rights Cloud™ so users can quickly understand the usage rights associated with their assets.
  • Portfolio 2017 Industry Accolades – Extensis rose to the top on online software review site G2 Crowd, being named a “Leader” in their Digital Asset Management Grid, which is based on customer satisfaction scores and market presence. Portfolio 2017 was also selected by KMWorld as a Trendsetting Product of 2017. KMWorld selects Trendsetting Products based on their ability to meet business needs by transforming information into insight.
  • Redesign of Suitcase Fusion® Font Manager – Offering its first-ever open beta, Extensis used feedback to completely redesign the user experience to match modern creative workflows. Since launching the redesigned Suitcase Fusion 8 with Adobe® Creative Cloud® 2018 compatibility, sales have reached record highs, with triple the number of Windows designers and the largest number of upgrades in the history of EMEA.
  • 35 Billion Font Queries via Suitcase TeamSync™ – Launched in May 2016, Extensis’ cloud-based font manager had a year over year uptick of more than 240% growth from 2H2016 to 2H2017. With more than 35 billion font queries from users across the globe, Suitcase TeamSync has maintained 100% uptime since its launch.
  • Continued Rise of Font Server Customer Renewals – Customer renewals for Universal Type Server continued upward year over year increases, matched by record highs with customer satisfaction.
  • Record-High Customer Satisfaction – NetPromoter scores across all Extensis and LizardTech product lines reached all-time highs, and customer survey responses for technical and customer support maintained more than 90% satisfaction.
  • LizardTech Awarded U.S. Patent for LiDAR Point Cloud Compression – LizardTech was awarded a U.S. patent for the compression of LiDAR point clouds (US 9753124). The patented technology provides lossless compression of point clouds captured by airborne LiDAR sensors or terrestrial laser scanners for easy and cost-effective processing, storage and transmission of data sets.

To learn more about Extensis, visit www.extensis.com.

To learn more about LizardTech, visit www.lizardtech.com. 

About Celartem

For more than two decades, Celartem, Inc. has been at the forefront of enabling organizations across the world to maximize the value of their digital content. With the rapid increase in digital media, having effective solutions to manage, store, distribute and preserve this content has become pivotal for workflow efficiency and safeguarding from compliance issues. Celartem’s Extensis® division specializes in font management and digital asset management solutions. These solutions help organizations of every size drive down operational costs and accelerate profitability with font and digital asset management solutions that maximize the value of digital content, streamline workflows, ensure compliance, and accelerate collaboration. Celartem’s LizardTech® division creates state-of-the-art software products and solutions that enable governments and businesses to manage and distribute massive, high-resolution geospatial data such as aerial and satellite imagery and LiDAR data. LizardTech developed the industry leading MrSID®, a powerful image encoder, viewer, and file format.