DiamondSoft Releases Font Reserve 3.0 for Mac OS X -

DiamondSoft Releases Font Reserve 3.0 for Mac OS X

Mill Valley, CA – February 20, 2002 – DiamondSoft Inc. today announced the availability of Font Reserve Single User 3.0 for all Mac platforms, including Mac OS X.With the new complexities of using and storing fonts in Mac OS X, the need for a true font manager is greater than ever. Font Reserve 3.0 not only offers all the features of the award-winning and highly acclaimed previous versions, but it adds new features specific to Mac OS X.

“While the publishing industry makes the transition to Mac OS X, effective font management is becoming an even more significant issue,” says Brian Berson, president and founder of DiamondSoft. “Users are faced with at least two new challenges – accessing fonts within applications that continue to run in Classic mode and juggling fonts among the many Mac OS X font folders. Our goal is to ease this transition and continue to provide the best font management possible for Mac OS X.”

The product, which features an Aqua interface and continuing support for all popular Macintosh font types, provides superior font management for applications running under Mac OS X as well as applications running in the Classic environment. Font Reserve 3.0 complements DiamondSoft’s full suite of font management applications, including Font Reserve Server for workgroups and Font Reserve Single User for Windows.

About Font Reserve 3.0
DiamondSoft transformed the world of font management with the release of Font Reserve in 1996.With the introduction of Font Reserve 3.0, DiamondSoft is once again setting the standard for font management. Besides sporting a redesigned, clean Aqua user interface, this release offers two powerful new features specifically geared to Mac OS X. The ClassicActivator feature ensures that all fonts activated by Font Reserve in Mac OS X are also automatically available to all applications running in the Classic environment. The System Font Handler feature helps users manage the multiple font folders in Mac OS X by providing the option to automatically remove non-essential fonts.

Font Reserve provides features that appeal to graphic designers, production personnel, and even Mac hobbyists. Designers, for example, can sort fonts by classification or foundry, create font sets for projects, and create and print customized type books of their font libraries. Production personnel can assign owners to clients’ fonts, add fonts temporarily, and search for fonts by a wide variety of characteristics, including version number and date added.

Font Reserve 3.0 for Mac OS X is $99.95 for an electronic download version and $99.95 for the CD package version.

DiamondSoft, Inc., based in Mill Valley, CA, was founded in 1995 to solve the font management problems of the publishing industry. Its mission is to provide software tools that enable professionals to focus on the creative aspects of their jobs, letting the computer handle the mundane and laborious aspects. For more information, please visit

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