DiamondSoft Announces Mac OS X Client for Font Reserve Server -

DiamondSoft Announces Mac OS X Client for Font Reserve Server

New York, NY – July 17, 2002 – At Macworld Expo today, DiamondSoft Inc. announced a Mac OS X client for Font Reserve Server, the first and only true client-server font management system. Featured in booth #772, Font Reserve Server is designed to solve the challenges of managing fonts for Macintosh workgroups. The client software – the Font Reserve Server Browser – will continue to be available for Mac OS 9 in addition to the Mac OS X version. The Mac OS X client, slated to ship in the third quarter of 2002, is free to current Font Reserve Server users. 

The Font Reserve Server software for version 1.5, which debuted its Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server support this spring, will continue to be available for Windows NT and Windows 2000 workstations and servers as well. 

“Mac OS X is the future of publishing,” says Brian Berson, president and founder of DiamondSoft. “Our new client software takes advantage of the platform’s speed and stability, providing workgroups with quick, reliable font management. With the server running on Mac OS X as well, we’re now able to offer publishers a solid, single-platform solution.”

About Font Reserve Server
The recipient of a Macworld Eddy for Best Publishing Software, Font Reserve Server is the only font management system to provide workgroups with access to fonts from a single source while allowing an administrator to manage access to fonts through permissions. With Font Reserve Server, all the fonts in the company are consolidated into a database, providing users with access via the local network or the Internet. The database communicates with Macintosh-based clients over TCP/IP. The administrator sets up users and workgroups and manages fonts through a Font Reserve Server Browser client on any Macintosh – eradicating the need to visit individual workstations to manage and troubleshoot fonts. 

Font Reserve Server is designed to provide a font management scenario that is as restrictive or open as each unique publishing environment requires. The administrator can divide fonts into multiple workgroups for specific positions or projects, with workgroup permissions including the ability to add, delete, and export fonts. Users can have a wide range of permissions – such as the ability to share sets and include license agreement information with fonts – and belong to one or multiple font workgroups. Regardless, all changes to workgroups, including font additions, occur in real time, guaranteeing that all users are always accessing the correct fonts. 

A significant feature of Font Reserve Server is the ability to store license agreement information with fonts, see at a glance which fonts include licenses, and restrict font usage to stay within the boundaries of license agreements. “In a networked workgroup, this is the only way to prevent violations and ensure that rogue fonts don’t slip into your font library,” says Berson. “The importance of this feature to publishers cannot be overstated.” 

Font Reserve Server provides these workgroup benefits while retaining all the features of the award-winning Font Reserve Single User product, including auto-activation, version-conflict handling, instant font access, previews, sets, and more. For auto-activation, DiamondSoft’s innovative Font Sense technology provides absolute font identification through plug-ins for Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator, and an XTension for QuarkXPress. 
DiamondSoft, Inc., based in Mill Valley, CA, was founded in 1995 to solve the font management problems of the publishing industry. Its mission is to provide software tools that enable professionals to focus on the creative aspects of their jobs, letting the computer handle the mundane and laborious aspects. For more information, please visit 

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