Diamondsoft and Artesia Technologies Announce Parnership -

Diamondsoft and Artesia Technologies Announce Parnership

Henry Stewart DAM Symposium, NY — March 25, 2003 — DiamondSoft Inc., the developer of the only true client-server font management system, Font Reserve Server, and Artesia Technologies, the market leader in digital asset management solutions, today announced the integration of Diamondsoft’s exclusive Font Sense technology into the Artesia TEAMS Creative Client. Font Sense enhances the Artesia TEAMS digital asset management solution by identifying and recording critical information about fonts used in digital content, thus preventing workflow interruptions that may occur due to missing fonts or incorrect font usage. The integration between the two products ensures the long-term value of creative assets and streamlines font related creative processes, saving customers time and money.

“Users of digital asset management solutions have been requesting font management functionality for some time,” says Brian Berson, President and Founder of DiamondSoft. “Now, with the TEAMS-Font Reserve Server integration, clients can instantly access critical information about the fonts used in digital media, with or without accessing the file itself, and automatically collect and activate the fonts as necessary. Our mantra is the ?right font in the right place at the right time,’ and this partnership speaks directly to that.”

The integration is poised to generate real business value for Artesia and DiamondSoft customers. When ingesting files, the TEAMS Creative Client can now automatically extract and store the Font Sense identification provided by Font Reserve Server as metadata in TEAMS. This new functionality simplifies the process of reusing creative assets. If a user needs to reprint an asset — perhaps years after its creation — the correct fonts are always available via Font Reserve Server, eliminating wasted time spent searching for the correct font. Additionally, when assets must be sent to a third-party collaborator or partner, fonts can be collected and automatically attached to the content upon export from Artesia’s TEAMS.

“Artesia understands the need to tie font information directly into digital asset management processes. Our customers’ frequently design and repurpose rich media assets, for which access to the correct fonts is crucial. Even subtle font differences can completely disrupt the design process. This is why we’re partnering with DiamondSoft — because they are the industry leader in providing font information and font management solutions.” says Ron Walker, Senior Director of Product Management for Artesia.

Font Sense Overview
DiamondSoft introduced Font Sense technology in 1999 to solve the industry-wide problems caused by the limitations of font names. Although applications record only the names of fonts used in documents, font names actually serve as poor font identification. Many fonts with the same name — Times, Garamond, Helvetica — exist in multiple versions from the same foundry and from many different foundries. Using the incorrect version of a font can alter a design significantly. Font Sense technology, which is built into Font Reserve Single User and Font Reserve Server, records precision font identifications with documents and automatically activates the right fonts as documents are opened.

Font Reserve Server Overview
The recipient of a prestigious Macworld Eddy for Best Publishing Software, Font Reserve Server provides workgroups with access to fonts from a single source while allowing an administrator to manage access to fonts through permissions. With Font Reserve Server, all the fonts in the company are consolidated into a database, providing users with access via the local network or the Internet. The database communicates with Macintosh-based clients over TCP/IP.

Font Reserve Server users include major publishers, advertising agencies, educational institutions and retailers. As publishers consider the time and expense involved in managing fonts for a workgroup, they are increasingly embracing the solution provided by Font Reserve Server.

About Artesia Technologies
Artesia Technologies? is the leader in enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions. We provide a full range of media management products and services that help information-intensive firms more efficiently manage their digital assets — reducing costs, safeguarding copyrights, and developing new revenue streams by re-expressing and reusing existing content. TEAMS, our award-winning and proven solution, is unique in its ability to offer singular management of all digital content throughout the enterprise via an intuitive, Web-based front-end accessing an enterprise-class back-end. It’s simple enough for anyone to use and powerful enough to meet the growing needs of worldclass organizations.

Artesia’s blue-ribbon customers include thought leaders as impressive and diverse as AOL Time Warner, General Motors, WGBH Public Broadcasting, Simon and Schuster, DaimlerChrysler, HBO, Discovery Communications, DreamWorks and many more. Artesia is a recipient of numerous awards including the 2001 Product of the Year Award from Transform Magazine and the prestigious Crossroads A-List Award for two consecutive years. Artesia was recently recognized in EContent magazine’s 2002 EContent 100 as the top People’s Choice winner in the Digital Asset Management (DAM) category. For additional information on Artesia Technologies, please visit our website at

DiamondSoft, Inc., based in Mill Valley, CA, was founded in 1995 to solve the font management problems of the publishing industry. Its mission is to provide software tools that enable professionals to focus on the creative aspects of their jobs, letting the computer handle the mundane and laborious aspects. For more information, please visit, or send email to

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