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Your company is unique. Your distinctive needs and teams set you apart from the competition. We understand this and can work with you to customize your implementation of our solutions.

Some of the most common deliverables for our consulting services:

  • Installing your Extensis Portfolio™, GeoExpress, and/or Universal Type Server® solutions on-premise or within cloud-hosted environments
  • Integrating your existing technologies and software with our solutions to streamline workflows
  • Optimizing your current Extensis solutions for strategic efficiency and maximizing value
  • Training your application administrators and end-users on the Extensis platform

That’s just the beginning. Whether you’re working with font licensing compliance, sharing massive geospatial image files, or managing a vast array of digital assets, we can help you establish a clear, user-friendly workflow and organization system. We’re here for you.

Our clients report higher accuracy, productivity, and time saved in their workflows.

Who Is Part of the Extensis Integration and Consulting Services Team

  • Highly-qualified subject matter experts, systems engineers, IT professionals, and skilled technical trainers
  • A team with a proven track record of helping our customers from a wide variety of industries solve problems and manage their digital assets.
  • Team members located worldwide for global support

Our team of experienced solutions experts has deep insight and knowledge into the myriad ways our solutions can be tailored to fit your needs — working directly with customers and with our international teams. The team has over 40 years of combined experience in the font, geospatial information systems, and digital asset management industries.

Reach Your Investment’s Full Potential

We work directly with core users and IT staff to define your specific workflows and processes. We then craft a solution that’s tailored precisely to your business needs, empowering you to gain maximum value from our technology.

Our experts provide a complete solution that includes software installation/configuration, workflow planning, IT/admin and end-user training. We ensure that members of your organization can confidently start achieving real results.

You don’t have to start from scratch to reap the benefits. We provide migration, upgrade, and training services as well.