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Maximizes Image Use Across 15 Brands

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About Gardens Alive!

Gardens Alive!, Inc. is a privately owned, multi-title catalog and online retailer specializing in home gardening solutions. Founded in 1984, the company has grown through acquisition and today is the parent company to 15 sub-brands.

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Where They Started

Gardens Alive! growth through acquisition has amassed thousands of images, and each season more images are added. Having a system to effectively manage these images is critical not only for general efficiency, but also for brand consistency, maximizing image use across sub-brands, and staying on schedule with go-to-market timelines.

Gardens Alive! has been a long-time believer in the power of digital asset management (DAM). Prior to working with Extensis, the team used an alternative DAM solution which acted solely as an image repository and was not user-friendly. As a result, employees didn’t use it, turning instead to the photo department to either locate, recreate, or purchase images.

Their Goals

Increase cross-brand image use

Reduce production costs

Decrease demand on photographers to locate images

Broaden range of branded images used across all channels

The Solution:

A User-Friendly Image Epicenter for All Brands

Knowing an effective DAM could make a significant difference for its brands, the Gardens Alive! team conducted a competitive search to find a user-friendly system that would increase the visibility and cross-brand usage of its image collection.

Gardens Alive! selected Portfolio as its new DAM solution. Portfolio was selected because it:

  • Allows Gardens Alive! to centralize all of its digital assets (including images, videos, PDFs, HTML, and Word files) and create separate catalogs for each sub-brand with permissions-based access for merchants, creative, web, and marketing teams.
  • Enables the quick addition of metadata and customizable metadata fields.
  • Offers large thumbnails to expedite and simplify finding images.
  • Provides a drag-and-drop feature that allows designers to pass files directly into InDesign and the network.

Mandy Groszko, Digital Asset Librarian at Gardens Alive!, took the reins on organizing the collection and ensuring all assets were discoverable by utilizing Portfolio’s powerful metadata capabilities.

See Portfolio in Action

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The Result

Since deploying Portfolio, employees are thrilled with how easy the solution is to use and the new possibilities it has created to utilize assets across brands. Other departments also take advantage of Portfolio, including customer service, manufacturing and operations, and copywriting. Portfolio has enabled:


"We refer to Portfolio as ‘Houdini’ at Gardens Alive! because it works like magic.”

Mandy Groszko - Digital Asset Librarian, Gardens Alive!

Mandy Groszko
Digital Asset Librarian, Gardens Alive!

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