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Parallel Strokes – the art of lettering, graffiti and typeface design

lundi 7 avril 2008 by Jim Kidwell

Parallel Srokes - a book about lettering, typography and the intersection with graffitiIan Lynam recently published a book that covers the intersection of lettering, graffiti and typeface design through a series of interviews with influential designers and artists.

Lynam covers a wide variety of innovators and subjects, from the blackletter-inspired barrio letterforms of Chaz Bojorquez to the « confident, assured and highly detailed » works of Akria Kobiyashi. While some interviews can be merely self-congratulatory works suited only to show off the knowledge of the interviewer, Lynam allows his subjects to shine by asking pointed questions that rarely leave the reader hanging.

Of course, sometimes there are those incredibly obvious questions, that I’m sure everyone wants to ask anyway, so he goes ahead and fires them off. For example, if I were able to corner Akira Kobiyashi, this little guilty question would surely be on my list:

Ian Lynam: Of all of the typefaces in the world, is there one out there that you really hate and why?

Akira Kobiyashi: There is no typeI really hate. I was asked a similar question by a Japanese designer who wrote The Helvetica Book. The question was, which typeface do you like the best, Helvetica or Univers or Akzidenz Grotesk? » and I answered « I love them all. » As Erik Spiekermann writes in his publication, « There is no bad type. »

To pick up a copy, or for more info, check out the Parallel Strokes site.

Parallel Strokes - from the book

Parallel Strokes - from the book