Extensis provides a range of developer resources and tools for integrating our products into your workflows and other applications.

Portfolio API

The Portfolio API provides a documented common interface for developers to integrate Portfolio catalogs, asset metadata, and media processing into business systems, custom workflows, and web infrastructures. The API is offered as a licensed add-on to Portfolio and we provide both REST and SOAP options. For API support questions, please contact Extensis Technical Support.

Swagger documentation for the REST API is available online here.

Online documentation for the deprecated SOAP API is available here.

Portfolio Server-Side Scripting

Customize Portfolio’s behavior or integrate it with other software systems by creating lightweight javascript scripts. Scripts can be run by Portfolio automatically when certain events happen, like asset ingestion, asset updates, or when assets are added to galleries. Scripts can also be run manually on asset selections from within the Portfolio Client app.

Online documentation for the Scripting is available here.

Script examples are available here.


Extensis offers a range of MrSID Software Kits (SDKs) and development tools for integrating decode (viewing) capabilities and encoding technologies. Decode SDKs for MrSID are provided free of charge for development. This allows developers to integrate viewing of MrSID into their applications. For SDK support questions, please contact Extensis Technical Support.

The MrSID 9.5 SDK, with support for MrSID Generation 4 files (MG4), is now available. With this SDK you can view and decode MG4 files containing both raster LiDAR data, in addition to MrSID Generation 3, MrSID Generation 2 and JPEG 2000 files. This version adds performance improvements so your images render even faster.

SDK Downloads
User Manuals

MrSID SDK User Manual (Raster)
MrSID SDK User Manual (LiDAR)

System Requirements

MrSID SDK (Raster)

Release Notes

MrSID SDK (Raster)

Additional Resources

Raster Sample Data
LiDAR Sample Data
Deprecated versions