WEBINAR: Font Lifecycle in

Print and Publishing Workflows


DATE: Thursday, 5th of December, 2019

TIME: 2 p.m. GMT | 3 p.m. CET | 9:00 a.m. EST



Print and publishing workflows can be highly complex and depend on a high level of oversight in all areas to ensure success.

In this webinar, Chris Stevens, Extensis technical account manager, will delve into the lifecycle of fonts in a print and publishing environment. He will focus on common font challenges and how to avoid them throughout the full life cycle from project conception to production.


Join us and find out more about:

  • Print and publishing complex workflows
  • Font Lifecycle: 6 key stages to ensure smooth workflows
  • Setting up reliable workflows that avoid font errors and font misuse
  • Extensis font management solutions for print and publishing industries


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About the presenter:

Chris Stevens Webinar HostChris Stevens – Technical Account Manager


Chris plays a hands-on role delivering value to Extensis customers with in-depth demos and getting them up and running with our solutions — ensuring their success for the long term. His focus on business solutions includes product development, project management, sales, support, and training, and he views each project as an opportunity to expand his knowledge of customers as well as himself. With 16 years at Extensis under his belt, Chris spends his spare time doing things that get you thinking, be it documentaries, films, traveling to new places, and gaming.