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If you’re like many creative professionals, getting inspired and executing your vision isn’t the hard part of your job.
The real challenges are:

Find your fonts fast, get everyone on the same page, and create your best work.


+ Customer Testimonial


Extensis has allowed my team to take control of our font management in a powerful way. We spend less time emailing each other to find the correct version of a font and more time helping our clients. Suitcase has truly changed the way we work. We will never go back.


- Jason Ellison, Creative Director, Perfect December

+ Customer Testimonial


With instant access to thousands of fonts and the ability of an individual to simply drag a font into the library for anyone on the team to activate has proven to be a huge time- and frustration-saver. This intuitive way to share typeface resources brings our teams together in a big way.


- Design Team, Jones Sign Company

How Does It Work?


Quickly find complementary fonts for any client, style or mood. Connect Fonts offers font pairing suggestions to fuel your inspiration.




Open any file in your favorite design apps and the fonts you need are automatically activated, every time. No more errors, just smooth sailing.


Fonts at your fingertips. Connect Fonts lets you easily organize fonts by client or project and instantly sync them to your design tool.





4500 Fonts


Marketing and design teams have to sift through an average of 4500 fonts every single day. We can help you quickly find the exact fonts you need.






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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Suitcase Fusion and Connect Fonts Powered By Suitcase?

Connect Fonts Powered By Suitcase is a fundamental update to one of the world’s most popular font management tools, Suitcase Fusion. Connect Fonts expands the benefits of Suitcase Fusion to let you access your fonts from any web browser on any device. Connect Fonts also adds new capabilities to Suitcase Fusion such as automatic font pairing suggestions and a more intuitive font search. Get a detailed view of Connect Fonts.

Do I need to install any software?

Yes, first you will need to download the installer for Suitcase Fusion here. Follow these tips to get started.

What are the system requirements for Suitcase Fusion?

Windows 10+, and macOS 10.14,10.15 and 11.0, including macOS machines with M1 hardware. Once you install Suitcase Fusion on your local computer, you can access your fonts through Connect Fonts on the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox web browsers on any device.

What version of Suitcase Fusion do I need to access Connect Fonts Powered By Suitcase?

You will need the latest version of Suitcase Fusion to access Connect Fonts.

Which methods of payment are accepted?

All major credit cards and PayPal.

How does billing work for Connect Fonts Powered By Suitcase?

When you purchase annual licenses for Connect Fonts, they are good for an entire year from the date of purchase. Your licenses will automatically renew each year through your original method of payment. Easily add licenses or change your payment method at any time.

Which versions of Adobe Creative Cloud are supported by Suitcase Fusion?

Suitcase Fusion supports the following applications from Adobe Creative Cloud 2020 and later:

    • Adobe After Effects CC 2020 and later
    • Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 and later
    • Adobe InCopy CC 2020 and later
    • Adobe InDesign CC 2020 and later
    • Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 and later
What if I want cloud-based digital asset management in addition to Connect Fonts Powered By Suitcase?

In order to provide marketing teams and agencies with more flexibility, we offer Connect Fonts in addition to our cloud-based digital asset management solution, Connect Assets. This way, teams can select the solution(s) which best meet their needs for organizing fonts and digital assets in the cloud.



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