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Baylor University Triples Social Media Engagement with the Click of a Camera and Digital Asset Management

Where they started…

Industry: Education
Product Line: Digital Asset Management

Understanding the crucial role social media plays in reaching their target audiences- from prospective students who are digital natives to alumni who are university champions – Baylor’s photographers sat down with the social media team to figure out how to bolster their online initiatives.

Instrumental to social media is engaging at the right moment and with high-quality imagery (posts that include photos have 94% more engagement than those that do not). For example with sporting events, the day after is a lost opportunity. People want in on the action as it’s happening- whether they are at the game, watching on TV, or trying to stay abreast of the latest online.

The same holds true across all university activities- people want to see and be engaged with campus life as it happens. Knowing this, Baylor’s photographers went in search of a technology solution that could get professional quality shots off the camera and into the hands of their social media team within seconds. This would enable them to post live to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in the moment that made the most impact.

What they did…

Using a Wireless File Transmitter (WFT), their staff photographers are able to upload, in real-time, hundreds of high-quality photos with a click of a button from their Canon Wireless cameras. The photos are instantly posted to a DAM portal, called Portfolio NetPublishTM, where the social media team can immediately access the images and post them to their key social channels as the action unfolds (#workingsmarternotharder).

The Results…

Being able to engage with people in real-time, immediately doubled Baylor University’s followers across all social media channels, and has since tripled. They currently have 45,000 followers on Instagram alone, with 12% engagement, making it one of the most-followed and most engaged university Instagram accounts in the country., an online encyclopedia of higher education, also recently named Baylor the No. 6 most influential college on Instagram (alongside such schools as Stanford, Universtiy of Wisconsin and University of Michigan; and ahead of such schools as Harvard and Penn State), and the University is ranked one of the Top 20 most influential across all social media channels.

With their statistics trending off the charts, and engagement combined with optimization of photos, their SEO continues to increase.

And the biggest win? Applications and admissions have significantly increased since the effort started. In fact, in 2014, Baylor has achieved its highest incoming class size ever. And in the past few years, they have taken in record high figures in Annual Giving.

All simply by figuring out how to do what they were already doing… but using technology to make it faster!