Let Creativity Flourish: Web Font Plug-in for Photoshop


Let Creativity Flourish: Web Font Plug-in for Photoshop

Finally. The easy way to mock-up web sites using Web Fonts.

Lucky you—you’ve landed on the latest edition of Let Creativity Flourish, our monthly series focused on innovative tools that can help you design a more beautiful world. This month, we’re sharing something smart and simple to streamline your workflow. Meet our Web Font Plug-in for Photoshop, a free tool for proofing and prototyping your work without leaving your design.

Let Creativity Flourish: Web Font Plug-in for Photoshop

If you use Photoshop for web design, this tool will shave time and frustration off your day-to-day work. First off, Web Font Plug-in for Photoshop offers free access to fonts from WebINK and Google web fonts. This means you can mock up a website using web fonts, designing with the same fonts you’ll use when you go live.

What’s in the Plug-in?

Let Creativity Flourish: Web Font Plug-in for Photoshop—ZINX Magazine

Experts love it.

In 2013 Rishi Mohan, editor of ZINX Magazine, wrote a post about our Web Font Plugin for Photoshop. He called the plug-in a “real time saver” and explained how he uses the tool in his workflow.

ZINX is an independent web mag that publishes articles on trending topics like design, art, technology, hardware, apps, and resources—with a minimalistic style. We wanted to know more about his work and how he uses Web Font Plug-in, so Mohan agreed to chat:

Let Creativity Flourish: Web Font Plug-in for Photoshop—Rishi Mohan, editor of ZINX Magazine

Q&A with Rishi Mohan, ZINX Magazine

Extensis: What drove you to create ZINX Magazine in May 2013?

Rishi Mohan: First of all, thanks for giving me this honour.

I always visited a lot of sites related to Web Design and Technology. My main motto was to be updated about everything going on in these fields.

I founded ZINX to jump into professional blogging and showcase awesome stuff from around the web. I know there are many people like me, who like design and tech. I created ZINX for them.

Extensis: Where do you find the tools and resources for ZINX?

Rishi Mohan: As mentioned above, I love to learn and explore new stuff related to technology and design. Most of my personal time is spent browsing websites on my laptop. Developers and designers spend a lot of time and effort building cool apps, so it’s good to feature their work. It’s like a virtual high five to the team.

Extensis: How important is typography in your work, especially considering the minimalistic design approach to ZINX?

Rishi Mohan: I love typography. It’s important to remember that typography isn’t just about selecting fonts. It’s about the way the type makes the overall design appear. Content should be at its best readable form.

Let Creativity Flourish: Web Font Plug-in for Photoshop

Extensis: What do you see as the biggest advantages to the Web Font Plugin for Photoshop?

Rishi Mohan: The best thing about the plugin—it’s so easy to use. Once it syncs with Google (or WebINK) web fonts, you’re set.

Extensis: After using the PS plugin, what do you think of it?

Rishi Mohan: It works. It is very easy to browse web fonts one by one to see what works best. Without the plugin, you’d have to download individually from Google Web Fonts—not a fun task.

Thanks Rishi, we’re glad our Web Font Plugin for Photoshop is making your life more fun! Here’s back at you on the virtual high five! Good on ya for spreading the word about awesome tools for designers and developers. We love that.

Straight from an expert’s mouth—the Extensis Web Font Plug-in for Photoshop is a no brainer, time-saver when designing for the web. (And remember, it’s free.) Access to thousands of web fonts from WebINK, Google, and other professional foundries without leaving Photoshop means you’ll spend less time sifting through and downloading fonts. Browse fonts one by one until you’re ready to test. The easy-to-use Plug-in allows you to focus on the important things—like perfecting typography for readability and overall aesthetics of your design.

Let Creativity Flourish: Web Font Plug-in for Photoshop—Free trial of Suitcase Fusion 5

Another bonus about picking up this Plug-in is that you get a 30-day free trial of our Suitcase Fusion 5, a smart and savvy font manager. You’ll quickly become a fan of how fast you can organize and view your fonts with the powerful searching, activating, and previewing options of this remarkable tool.

We’re here to help. Let us know how it’s going.

What’s not to love about our Web Font Plug-in for Photoshop? Share your thoughts and let us know how you’re utilizing the Plug-in by commenting below. The WebINK team who developed the Web Font Plug-in for Photoshop would love to hear what you think about the tool. Shoot us a note at info@webink.com with your ideas, comments and thoughts.

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Keep up the beautiful design and be sure to check back for more professional tips in the next Let Creativity Flourish. Every month we’ll have new insider information devoted to showing you resources that can help hone your craft, so your designs can truly flourish.