Increase your Mac know-how (and know-it-all) skills -


Increase your Mac know-how (and know-it-all) skills

08 de mayo de 2008 by Kelly Guimont

Apple LogoI admit, my Mac-fu is strong. As a result I have a fair number of people ask me things because they presume I will just know. OK, usually I do, but I had to learn it someplace. Here is a list of good places to check out for support tips or just for fun bits of info:

Do you have Leopard installed on your machine? Did you know if you scratch the surface just the teeniest bit you can find all kinds of other cool stuff? Macworld has a list of 25 features that are overlooked and underrated (I’m here to tell you the sidebar saved search tidbit is phenomenal!) and easy to check out. You might just find something there that makes you even more productive!

If you have an Apple Store near you there are some tips on dealing with the people there over at Consumerist. Not that it’s a chore to go to the Apple store, but there are tips in this list from an actual Apple Specialist might come in handy (there’s some useful stuff in the comments too).

When things go south (as they do, even on a Mac), you should have some good support tips handy. MacFixIt is a great place to start-whenever I have had an issue I didn’t know how to fix I always found it there. They are also good about reporting things that are sent in by readers, and when they find out there is a fix or an update that helps resolve it they are very speedy about getting it online as well.

If everything is working and you just want to up your efficiency factor, check out 43 Folders for some excellent ideas. Merlin Mann runs this site which is a productivity site but he uses a Mac so there are lots of handy things there for you like the article about Smart Folders in which I found immensely useful after years of using color labels for my mail.

Another good source for general tips is Apple proper. In their Support forums they have a forum titled User Tips Library which is also pretty handy and a nice way to get information straight from the source.

Now if you want to poke around a little deeper in your system, there’s a page called Secrets where you can find out how to tweak secret settings or files for your applications and unlock special features or extend current features to do new things. I have spent a lot of time here and I’m always fascinated with the stuff that pops up.

If you just want tidbits, you can get the real deal from The Apple Museum who keep a nice list of Apple facts handy. There are quizzes around the internet as well to test your own knowledge.

Should it be rumors you are in search of, Marshall Kirkpatrick created a customer search engine that crawls the usual Mac rumor sites and aggregates that information for you. Thanks Marshall! Hopefully this will SAVE me time looking for rumors on pending updates from Cupertino.

Do you have a favorite site for tech tips or rumors? I’d like to add it to my list if you have a good one. Fire away!