Large enterprise organizations are a unique creature, with exclusive needs and distinctive capabilities. They’re capable of tackling even the largest of projects, and no task seems too daunting. However, that confidence is predicated largely on the availability of the correct tools for the job.

At Extensis, we’ve spent the last 26 years working with professionals of all stripes from a wide variety of disciplines. We pride ourselves on providing solutions that are as valuable to the individual as they are to a massive Enterprise operation. Whether you’re looking to organize a massive font collection, working with extremely high-resolution geospatial imagery, or simply need a tool to make brand management less of a headache, we can help.

Solutions for Your Geospatial Imagery Needs

Imaging tools for every point in your GIS workflow

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Universal Type Server

Universal Type Server is an all-in-one font management system for large teams and organizations. It’s user-friendly, easy to implement, provides license tracking and reporting tools, and integrates seamlessly with professional design applications. It helps maintain consistency, simplifies deployment, and gives companies an edge in font management and compliance.

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Designed for organizations managing high-volume production work, FontLink allows you to save time by automating otherwise time-intensive tasks.

FontLink processes jobs and performs/enacts/executes a “font pre-flighting process” that parses all fonts and pulls them directly from the extensive Universal Type Server (UTS) database for your ease of use.

Ensure you’re using the right font at the right time, every time, with FontLink.

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A comprehensive, powerful application for geospatial imagery compression and customization. Reduce file size while maintaining image quality. Crop, color balance, re-project, combine multiple images into seamless mosaics, and more. Export and share imagery.

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Express Server

Express Server is the fastest way to serve up geospatial images and LiDAR to clients, user bases, and the public. Express Server identifies, extracts, and delivers only the pixels being viewed at an exact moment, reducing speed and effectively serving imagery over any connection.

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Use GeoViewer to display and explore MrSID files, raster imagery, LiDAR point clouds, vector overlays, and more. Customize your display settings, export imagery, and even take high-resolution imagery on-the-go with you on your mobile device.

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Extensis Portfolio is a digital asset and brand asset management tool that allows you to create a central source for all images, videos, audio files, and documents — across brands, clients, and projects. Save time, improve communication, get organized, reduce production requests and costs, and realize brand strategies more effectively with Portfolio.

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Corbit automates your most time-consuming digital asset management tasks, leaving you free to focus on creation and innovation.

With advanced handling options, Corbit can be configured to monitor workflow entry points, to check email attachments or FTP locations and validate metadata or other file characteristics to effectively pre-flight incoming files before they’re even cataloged in Portfolio.

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