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Learn More About Design, Technology, Fonts & the Law

Wednesday, der 29. November 2017 by Jim Kidwell

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Amerikanisches Englisch verfügbar.

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Which Fonts Help With Dyslexia?

Thursday, der 6. July 2017 by Extensis

What do Jennifer Aniston, Thomas Edison, Cher, Andy Warhol, Steve Jobs, Steven Spielberg, Pablo Picasso, and Ozzy Osbourne have in common? They were all diagnosed with dyslexia. (Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Galileo Galilei, and Leonardo da Vinci were also believed to be dyslexic but were never officially diagnosed.) Dyslexia […]

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To Free Font Or Not?

Thursday, der 15. June 2017 by Jim Kidwell

Top Three Ways to Build Your Team’s Font Collection Earlier this year, I wrote an article titled “Top Places to Build Out Your Font Collection.” The article is relevant for graphic designers, as well as IT professionals, creative directors, and others in various organizations who want secure ways to build […]

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Find Cursive Fonts For Microsoft Word

Thursday, der 1. June 2017 by Extensis

Last year, after we published this article, we learned that „finding the right cursive font“ is a popular topic. So, we decided to publish this post again. Enjoy! The Perfect Cursive for Your Perfect Project Say you’ve got a project that calls for a font that’s elegant and fancy (wedding […]

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Fonts Like Comic Sans

Friday, der 5. May 2017 by Jim Kidwell

Comic Sans: The Problem, The Solution, The Alternatives The Problem Vincent Connare was trying to fix a communication problem: He was working on a computer program called Microsoft Bob that was intended to appeal to children—but the Times New Roman typeface being used in the word balloons felt too serious […]

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