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Compress: The MrSID Photoshop Plugin

Do you have MrSID (.SID) files that you need to open and view in Adobe Photoshop? Compress is a free plugin from that allows users to open MrSID files directly within Photoshop. The plugin works with Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud 2017 and 2018 on both macOS and Windows, and is available for download from the Adobe Exchange App Marketplace.

Our Compress plugin can open unsigned 8-bit and 16-bit raster MrSID Generation 2, 3, or 4 files in any color space. Once you’ve opened a SID file, you can then use any of Photoshop’s features to modify the image, then save it in your preferred format (such as PSD, TIF, or PNG).

* Note: The Compress Plugin is unable to open LiDAR files or files of any other GIS data type.

The Power of the MrSID Format

The MrSID format uses a compression technology first developed at the Los Alamos National Research Laboratory for large image storage, transmission, and display. This format enables portions of large raster image files such as aerial photographs or satellite imagery to be uncompressed dynamically for quick viewing of relevant parts of the image, without the lag experienced in other formats that require decompression of the entire file before viewing can begin.

Over the past few years, the boom in size and variety of geospatial data has increased exponentially. Through it all, the MrSID format has evolved to anticipate the needs of the geospatial industry. Now in its fourth generation, the MrSID format has become the most advanced compressed image format on the market.

With our Compress plugin, you can give Adobe Photoshop the power to open and view large compressed MrSID files, apply any image enhancement or manipulation, and export your work to all the common formats natively supported by Photoshop.

* Note: Compress does not enable export to the MrSID format.