World Bank Case Study -

Portfolio Provides 12,000 Users Instant Access to Internal Images

Industry: Printing & Publishing
Product: Portfolio

Where they started…

When your mission is to create a world free from poverty, time matters. And the last thing you want to waste it on is a file search.

The World Bank learned this first hand when they realized that their content library was beginning to steal focus away from the important things like nurturing economic growth in developing countries.

So what was the problem? To start, their library had grown to a state that’s hard to manage. The photos, videos, graphics, and web content alone equaled out to a number deep into the six digit range. Add in the growing output from hundreds of content creators, a dizzying range of application file types, a labeling system that had no standardized naming conventions and user base of over 12,000 people that wanted to find and share files across hundreds of file servers, what they were left with was one big headache. These numbers only added up to lost time and buried content; and time is something The World Bank puts a premium on.

What they did…

Determined to make the numbers work for them, The World Bank went on quest to find a system that was:

  • Ubiquitous – with global web browser access so the organization didn’t have to put a client on everyone’s desktop
  • Collaborative and extensible – enabling everyone to share and see content at the same time without throwing anyone off the system or creating bottlenecks
  • Cross-platform – fully compatible with the organization’s existing software and hardware components, so no other technological investments would be needed to get up and running
  • Reasonably priced for cost of ownership – spending less than 20k was paramount
  • Easily implementable – success was measured in days

A search online revealed Extensis’ Portfolio trial version. The trial was invaluable, allowing the organization to test the product, provide demos to the management team and demonstrate proof of concept to users. After the test run, Portfolio was selected and as the product is web-based, The World Bank could download the full suite of products quickly through a simple installation wizard. Within 24 hours the system was up and The World Bank had begun organizing their assets.

Where they landed…

Since deploying Portfolio, the results have been dramatic. The system has:

  • Reduced the time to find assets – what used to take up to 15 minutes now takes 30 seconds or less
  • Allowed the organization to create 18 websites full of dynamic content with a push of a button
  • Diminished time to deploy images after events, which had previously taken as many as 2-3 days before
  • Drastically cut overall costs and freed up time for core goals

Where they’re headed…

A big focus at the World Bank now revolves around turning their web portal into an upload point for digital assets created in the field. A wealth of metadata will come automatically attached to these new files making content even easier to find, which helps if you have 12,000 people looking for something. They also plan to integrate Portfolio SQL data and its client into their MIS System.