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UNESCO Selects Universal Type Server for the Management of its Business Fonts

Industry: Government
Product: Universal Type Server

Where they started...

The Languages and Documents Division at UNESCO looks after the organization’s design of reports, administrative papers and publications. The teams in this department consist of 80 people working in six different languages, including Russian and Arabic. However, due to the unit’s workstation configuration, only one language and corresponding fonts could be installed at a time.

In addition, desktop publishing is used in both InDesign® and QuarkExpress®, resulting in the need to install different updates and plug-ins in order to manage all the languages. To circumvent these problems, the team tended to download new fonts, and sometimes without the proper certification.

What they did...

To solve this problem for good, UNESCO turned to Universal Type Server®. Originally deploying 40 clients, the software was operational immediately.

Faraj Hadi, Network Administrator for the Conferences, Languages and Documents Unit for UNESCO France, states: “The introduction of Extensis’ Universal Type Server has allowed us to organize, standardize and streamline our entire font management process. We have also become more efficient. The software is particularly user-friendly. The set-up of a client takes us less than fifteen minutes, which represents a time savings of 70 percent.”

Where they landed...

Universal Type Server makes 3,000 fonts available on a single server, which has dramatically reduced technical problems. If there are any issues, another server is already configured and takes over without affecting the team’s workflow. In fact, fonts are installed on virtually all workstations, which prevents data loss during any outage or a change in position.

The new operating system is also much simpler. IT problems are reduced by 80%, and thus any conflict or duplication is avoided.

Before the introduction of Universal Type Server, the installation of a font required two versions of PostScript-fonts.

Today, every font is installed on the server and thus makes it accessible from all workstations. All fonts are Mac® and PC compatible and can be used both for screen viewing and printing. In addition, Universal Type Server enables the purchase of original fonts directly from the foundry, enabling a 100% reduction in font compliance issues.

Where they’re headed...

Having recently upgraded to Universal Type Server 5, the UNESCO team is focused on ensuring the team is fully utilizing the new features.

Hadi notes: “Compared to the previous version of the software, Universal Type Server 4 includes two particularly interesting new features for our team. First, Universal Type Server 4 is now compatible with Adobe® Creative Cloud, which facilitates our creative work. Then the QuickCOMP® option allows us to compare several models of fonts based on our models of pagination. Newsletters, brochures, books... it is the most suitable in the blink of an eye model.”