Case Study Sandow -

SANDOW greatly improves cost efficiency & font compliance with Universal Type Server

The Challenges

Fonts here, fonts there, fonts everywhere. Along with SANDOW’s rapidly growing client base came tens and thousands of fonts, including duplicates, scattered across SANDOW’s server.

This increased spending, the risk of font lawsuits, and caused frustration among designers and brand leads. They also had 15-30 copies of the same font with more and more fonts being uploaded led to confusion and frustration among design teams and brand leads. Designers were spending too much time sifting through fonts in the legacy system.

SANDOW also faced increased liability since fonts were scattered and visibility into font usage was limited. Brand leads were disconnected from their previous font management system. In addition, the legacy system had lackluster technical support which caused further details and months of wasted time waiting for a software problem to be solved.

The Solution

Deploying Universal Type Server eliminated duplicates and pared down fonts from tens of thousands to a manageable four thousand. With a robust font management system in place, SANDOW can continue to scale while reducing employee frustration, cost, and the risk of a lawsuit due to font misuse.

They could now also maintain and organize fonts in a manageable system based on workgroups. Designers are able to manage specific fonts based on the project. Assigning user permissions and running reporting on font usage SANDOW can assess whether or not it has sufficient font licenses on an ongoing basis.

The Results

- 30% Reduction in Spend
A robust font management system eliminated the need to purchase unnecessary and duplicate fonts.

- 60% Reduction in IT Requests
More control over font usage reduced IT troubleshooting specific to font requests and removed a bottleneck in the design process.

- 10,000 Fewer Fonts
Eliminated unnecessary fonts which improved workflow and increased efficiency.