Case Study American Cruise Lines -

American Cruise Lines Regains Strategic Design Time with Extensis Portfolio

Getting All Aboard Visual Storytelling

American Cruise Lines provides its guests with extraordinary river cruising experiences that explore the historic waterways of the United States.

The key to getting “all aboard” is through visual storytelling. Which translates into hundreds of thousands of images used to convey the uniqueness of American Cruise Lines’ voyages via its website, travel guides, agent websites, media placements and advertising.

The Challenge

Similar to many organizations, American Cruise Lines’ creative team of 10 served as the hub for all image and visual requests.

This posed many challenges for the organization: on a daily basis, the creative team was inundated with image requests received from marketing, corporate, PR and travel agents. In addition, designers frequently found themselves sifting through out-of-date and duplicate assets trying to find exactly what was needed to fulfill a department’s need.

These recurring one-off requests were depleting the creative team’s strategic design time and slowing down workflows across the organization.

The Solution

American Cruise Lines implemented Extensis Portfolio, a digital asset management solution that centralizes assets and allows users to easily find approved files. Portfolio was selected because it integrates with their creative server to mirror its structure so they don’t have to re-categorize or organize Portfolio as a separate system.

Portfolio also bulk tags images by extracting keywords that match their server structure. They can easily tag catalog images based on the subject matter and location, making search fast and reliable. Coupled with batch processing files into PDFs or jpgs with a resizing function makes for easy downloads and distribution of assets.

The Results

Since deploying Portfolio, American Cruise Lines’ creative department has regained much-needed time for strategic design work by enabling controlled self-service.

65% reduction in image requests
All departments are able to find images quickly.

Workflow Acceleration
The creative team is no longer inundated with image requests from external stakeholders.

Improved Brand Integrity
Out-of-date and unapproved images have been eliminated, enabling American Cruise Lines to maintain the integrity of its brand.