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Why Managing Brand Assets Is Important

A successful brand presence should be seamlessly consistent and organized, supporting your overall branding strategy. However, there are very real challenges involved in achieving brand consistency.

Creative agencies and marketing departments deal with a huge number of digital media assets during the production process, not to mention managing the delivery and preservation of finalized creative work. Their digital asset libraries can include a great diversity of asset types, including high-definition images, logos (vector files), audio files, video files, fonts, and creative projects made up of various components.

In workgroup settings, these valuable assets can become scattered across devices and servers unless managed carefully. The risks of not knowing the true inventory of content include scrambling for lost files. Another risk is that outdated or non-approved assets such as logos or imagery may be used in your production files, undermining the efforts that go into building a strong brand presence.

Brand management software, combined with best practices, will ensure your files are organized, up to date, and accessible to those who need them — from members of your local team to clients across the globe.

The Benefits of Brand Asset Management Software

Managing all the moving parts of your digital asset inventory can be overwhelming. But by implementing a comprehensive brand asset management system, you can streamline workflow, save time and cost, and improve day-to-day operations — all while making your team happier and mitigating risks.

Save Time and Streamline Workflow
With a brand asset management system, your team can easily add, search for, access, and share brand assets through a central source. The benefits are powerful — giving your team members time back in their days, improving internal communication, and empowering them to refocus on the work they’re most excited about.
Minimize Production Requests
An effective brand management strategy can minimize production requests as well. By granting users easy access to digital assets, brand asset management software encourages teams to leverage, reuse, and repurpose existing media assets. This promotes brand consistency, time efficiency, and cost savings.
Ensure Compliance

Typography is a crucial element of brand identity. Creative teams thrive on the challenge of finding the perfect font for a branding project.

It’s easy to forget that fonts are licensed assets in their own right and are protected by copyright law. Fonts require proper tracking to avoid the risk of potential legal action and fines. The right font management tool can simplify or even automate your compliance efforts.

Extensis Connect

Want to tame creative chaos once and for all? Extensis Connect is an accessible, cloud-based digital asset management solution that empowers teams to collaborate more effectively. It's quick and simple to create a central source for your assets, which your team can access and add to from any place, at any time. Assets are automatically enriched with smart keywords, which makes finding files faster. You can quickly share assets with teammates and external stakeholders alike. Extensis Connect can help your team save time, increase efficiency, and find peace of mind.

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Extensis Portfolio is a digital asset and brand asset management tool that allows you to create a central source for all images, videos, audio files, and documents — across brands, clients, and projects. Save time, improve communication, get organized, reduce production requests and costs, and realize brand strategies more effectively with Portfolio.

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Suitcase Fusion

Suitcase Fusion brings your entire font collection together in a single application, where you can organize fonts by projects and clients, ensure the exact fonts you need are auto-activated, and use document tracking to consistently and successfully manage your brand.

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Suitcase TeamSync

Suitcase TeamSync extends the power of Suitcase Fusion’s font management functionality by providing font sharing capabilities with a cloud-hosted solution. Font collections organized by clients and projects can be shared with all relevant team members, ensuring each contributor has the exact tools needed.

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Universal Type Server

Universal Type Server is an all-in-one font management system for large teams and organizations. It’s user-friendly, easy to implement, provides license tracking and reporting tools, and integrates seamlessly with professional design applications. It helps maintain consistency, simplifies deployment, and gives companies an edge in font management and compliance.

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