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Universal Type Server 6 Is Here!

Tuesday December 15th, 2015 by Extensis

The day has come! Creative professionals, workgroups everywhere, and their font caches rejoice! We’re serving up Universal Type Server 6 with a slew of new features designed to tame your tangle of fonts, up your creative workflow, and keep more cash in your pocket.

Universal Type Server 6 Is Here!

Universal Type Server 6 now is compatible with Adobe After Effects, Apple OS X El Capitan, Microsoft Windows 10 and Adobe Creative Cloud 2015—and you can demo it for 30 days on us. Read on, and snag unprecedented insight into your organization’s font usage.

Universal Type Server 6 Is Here!

X-Ray Your Font Usage

If you’re a font hoarder, a head-honcho art director, or an IT whiz, Universal Type Server 6 comes fully loaded with analysis capabilities for turning out smart diagnostic reports. With easy-to-access detailed insight about font usage, you can get a clear picture of which fonts are in use and by whom.

Universal Type Server 6 Is Here!

Preventing excesses of paid licenses or unlicensed fonts in your cache trim down expenses and make all usage transparent. This information is drillable, so reports are accessible in real time for effectively nipping problems in the bud. Because we know you’re way too busy to do this all sitting down at your desk, tablet and iPad-friendly viewing is available.

UTS Plays Nice With Others

Universal Type Server 6 is on top of it when it comes to Adobe. As the design world evolves, it’s important that your fonts get moving too. The new plug-in utilizes Font Sense, an innovative font technology that fingerprints fonts ensuring accurate font activation and a smoother workflow with Adobe After Effects. It’s also fully functional for everything Creative Cloud 2015.

Oh, and Apple OS X El Capitan and Microsoft Windows 10? No problem.


Set it and Forget it

Universal Type Server 6 is built to make font management and font compliance simple, for both IT administrators and creative teams.

– Chris Meyer, Sr. Product Owner for Font Management

You know that a software designed around a smoother workflow and upped productivity is working when you forget that it’s there. Our priority is making your work life better, and we know we’re winning when font server admins admit that they set it and forget it.


If You’re Thinking What We’re Thinking…

…you’re wondering how you survived so long without this souped-up font management system. We’re proud of how Universal Type Server has helped with elite companies and organizations like ESPN, Macy’s, and Hasbro.

With editions that fit any team’s needs, Universal Type Server is fully-functional in English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.

So what’s the hold up? There’s hardly a better time to switch. Make the most of your beefy font collection. Give us a call, we’re happy to talk through your specific needs to see how Universal Type Server can help.