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Universal Type Server 3 available today

Tuesday June 7th, 2011 by Jim Kidwell

Today we’re happy to announce the release of the latest upgrade to our font server, Universal Type Server® 3. With this update, we’ve focused heavily on what we’ve heard from our customers. To this end, Universal Type Server 3 focuses heavily on enabling companies to police their font usage to prevent font misuse and license infringement.

Universal Type Server centralizes an organization’s font collection into a single, secure location and delivers them to users—no matter where they are.

Some of the new features included in Universal Type Server 3 are:

Font Usage Reporting & Enforcement

Administrators can now monitor and assess the number of licenses in use for any font at any given time. Licensing restrictions can now choose how to enforce licensing restrictions, or a strict or notification-only basis.

Powerful Technology

In addition to existing automatic backup procedures, Administrators can now configure Server Failover to keep users working even in cases where catastrophic events prevent access to the primary Universal Type Server. Macintosh Client users can also now clean their machine’s font caches directly from the client application, providing font stability on all client machines.

Creative Freedom for Client Users

  • QuickMatch allows users to find similar’ fonts quickly
  • Font Snapshots provide an easy way to export a PNG preview file of a font
  • Auto-activate fonts in Adobe®CS applications including InCopy and Photoshop.
  • Create sets from selections in the Client
  • Modern user interface

Product Versions available
Universal type Server 3 is available in 3 versions: Lite, Professional and Enterprise. If you have a current annual service agreement, you will receive a free upgrade from Universal Type Server Professional 2 to Universal Type Server Professional 3, including client upgrades.

Universal Type Server Lite has an estimated retail price of US $1395, with an upgrade price of $698 US. Pricing for Professional and Enterprise editions is available from Extensis corporate sales.

For a complete list of new features and more information about the benefits of server-based font management, see Typeserver.com.