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TurboSync Font Synchronization

Monday April 7th, 2014 by Jim Kidwell

TurboSync-160x160When we ask Universal Type Server users what the most important thing that a font server does for them, the top answer is most often “keeping all of our users in sync.” Ensuring that everyone has all of the right fonts when they need them is critical to keeping everyone on your team productive.

What TurboSync™ font synchronization does for Universal Type Server is make the transferral of fonts from server to client lightning fast. Our speed tests rate TurboSync up to 27 times faster than previous sync times.

This ensures that getting your clients up and running with new installs, rebuilds, or even just migrating to a new machine is as fast as possible.

For an example, let’s look at some of our testing data.

We configured a server using the internal PostgreSQL database, added 11,327 fonts to it, and connected 50 clients.

Pre-TurboSync the average time it took for all clients to download all of the fonts was about 88 minutes.

With TurboSync, the average was a blazingly fast 3.25 minutes for all 11,327 fonts to be downloaded to each client.

Our collective chins hit the floor when we calculated that the server was 27x faster than before.

My absolute description of TurboSync comes from CreativePro.com

“And now they have released an update with some key new features, including one that makes font distribution up to 27 times faster. That’s right, 27 times faster. That’s like flying from New York to London in 15 minutes. Or making a cup of tea in seven seconds. On your lunch break, you could fly to London, have a cup of tea, and fly back to your office and still have plenty of time to manage your fonts.”

Download a trial of Universal Type Server and test out the speed for yourself.