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Locking down your users' font folders on Mac and Windows

Wednesday January 11th, 2012 by Jim Kidwell

It happens more quickly than you think. Someone in your company downloads a font from the internet, uses it in a project, everyone likes it and it is quickly copied from one machine to the another.

What happens if the original font was:

  • pirated
  • not licensed for corporate use
  • purchased only for a single user
  • not licensed for the intended target (web, digital media, etc.)

With any “rogue” font, your company (and even your clients) can potentially get into legal hot water.

It happens more frequently than you might think. Even Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign got caught in a font licensing related lawsuit.

You can prevent situations like this by locking down a user’s Fonts folders and only allowing approved fonts to be added.

Universal Type Server allows you to create System Font Policies of approved fonts for your users. After installing either the Universal Type Client or the Type Core Client on the user’s machine, only fonts that are approved by the Policy are able to be installed in the Fonts folder.

When a font that isn’t explicitly listed on the policy is added to the Fonts folders, it is automatically removed. Administrators can specify whether disallowed fonts are deleted immediately, or simply moved to the user’s desktop.

System font policies work on either Mac OS X or Windows PCs, with separate approved lists for each operating system. This way you can be sure to keep all of the required system fonts for each OS, while removing everything else.

As a server-based font manager, Universal Type Server automatically distributes your approved, legal font collection to your team, while seamlessly keeping rogue fonts out of your workflow.