Extensis Team Profile: Junko Suzuki


Extensis Team Profile: Junko Suzuki

Wednesday March 19th, 2014 by Extensis

Welcome to our first in a series highlighting some of the key team members at Extensis. We’ll peel back the curtain to reveal their contributions to everything from engineering to marketing to customer service. Through these interviews, we hope to provide a strong sense of the Extensis mission, upcoming innovation, our culture, and maybe, depending on the subject, a little bit about their hopes, dreams and what makes them happiest.

Extensis Team Profile: Junko Suzuki

Extensis Team Profile: Junko Suzuki

Our first subject is Junko Suzuki, Graphic & Web Designer, who’s been with Extensis for three years.

Extensis: What is your educational background? What led to you a profession in graphic and web design?
Junko Suzuki:  I studied art, focusing on illustration and art history, at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington.

I originally hoped to get a museum job after graduation, but was still in school during the boom of the internet and commercialization of the World Wide Web. My illustration professor started to teach web design. We coded HTML on BBEdit, reeeeeally compressed image files, and published funny looking pages with gif animations using Fetch FTP. It was such an exciting experience back then!

Extensis: What is your role with Extensis?
Junko Suzuki: I work with the marketing department, designing marketing and sales materials for print, web, email, product branding, etc. I spend some time in WordPress, working on campaign landing pages. I also work on some UI elements with programmers and UX staff.

Extensis: What’s your favorite thing about your job?
Junko Suzuki: Can’t pick just one! Good products. Awesome people. Extensis is located in Portland—my favorite town.

Extensis Team Profile: Junko Suzuki—Horsethief Butte, WA
Junko exploring Horsethief Butte, WA

Extensis—A Brilliant Team with a Sense of Humor

Extensis: What do you love most about Portland?
Junko Suzuki: The trees, food, bookstores, farmers market, water, and friendly caring people. For designer types, I find Powell’s technical bookstore to be a great place to geek out.

Extensis: Why do you believe in Extensis?
Junko Suzuki: The team is brilliant.

Extensis: What quality do you most appreciate in your co-workers?
Junko Suzuki: A good sense of humor.

Extensis: What are you working on right now?
Junko Suzuki: I’m working on Universal Type Server update materials.

Extensis: What’s your favorite professional tool?
Junko Suzuki: I usually say Adobe Illustrator, but right now, I really like Litmus. Litmus is an email marketing testing and tracking tool that helps one send better looking and performing email. It’s very simple and direct, and shows me how good a job I did with my code.

Extensis Team Profile: Junko Suzuki—Fuzzy friend

Junko Admires Calmness & Positive Attitude

Extensis: What living person do you most admire?

Junko Suzuki: My family—both human and furry ones. They are always relaxed and always have a very good attitude.

Extensis: What is your favorite pastime?
Junko Suzuki: Nature time—hiking, camping, hot springs. Time outdoors is a requirement for me to stay sane, since I work on a computer full time.

Extensis: What are your favorite sources of inspiration?
Junko Suzuki: Nature and wildlife—the less touched by humans the better. Also, ghost towns and ghost buildings/houses.

Extensis Team Profile: Junko Suzuki—Alvord Desert
Junko is inspired by the outdoors. Here she is enjoying the Alvord Desert—the most remote place in the United States!

Junko Practices Assertiveness & Decisiveness

Extensis: What’s the most useful thing you’ve learned from your professional experience?
Junko Suzuki: Be assertive. I’m still learning.

Extensis: What’s the toughest challenge you face in your role?
Junko Suzuki: Being decisive.

Extensis: Based on your experience, what are your predictions for future professionals in graphic and web design?
Junko Suzuki: A lot more interactive design options, and media platforms to worry about. I think this will make it far more challenging.

Extensis: What’s your weirdest quirk?
Junko Suzuki: I don’t trust most toothpaste or shampoo.

Extensis: What’s your philosophy?
Junko Suzuki: Bioregionalism.  

Thanks Junko! That wraps our first Extensis Team Profile, but stay tuned to meet some other people who make our team great!