Winning asterisk for Font Aid VI , hurricane Sandy relief -


Winning asterisk for Font Aid VI , hurricane Sandy relief

Tuesday November 20th, 2012 by Extensis

Just last week we got your votes as to which asterisk I should submit for Font Aid VI, the project where a font is constructed from donated glyphs with all proceeds to hurricane Sandy relief. This time it’s all asterisks. I designed three, and you picked one.

Here are the designs again:

three asterisk images
Left to right: Spiky, Rounder and Medium asterisks

And here are the results:

5 votes for spiky, 15 for rounder and 21 for medium

It looks like a strong lead (and even a majority of total votes) for “medium,” which was also my favorite choice.

But I was intrigued that the comments from the backers of my Cristoforo font were 1 for spiky, 5 for rounder and 1 for medium. Maybe it was too small a sample, but I’ll take that as indicative that perhaps the folks backing my font have a different preference than the overall tally. So while I went ahead and submitted the “medium” asterisk to Font Aid VI, I am making “rounder” the default asterisk in Cristoforo.