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Suitcase Attaché Brings All Your Fonts To Microsoft Word & PowerPoint

Wednesday March 18th, 2015 by Extensis

Dress up your docs with bold typography

For a long time, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint users were forced to choose from a menu of system fonts like Arial, Impact and—for the typographically challenged—the dreaded Comic Sans. No one in corporate America was safe from bland docs and presentations with type set in the same-old, same-old. Even if you installed your own fonts, scrolling down the font menu was still a pain. The tiny display type didn’t help, either.

It doesn’t have to have to be this way anymore.

Suitcase Attaché Brings All Your Fonts To Microsoft Word & PowerPoint

Dress up your .docx’s and .pptx’s with Suitcase Attaché

Microsoft Word has come a long way in empowering users to create documents that are practically magazine-quality with minimal effort and design experience. PowerPoint Presentations especially have evolved from formulaic headlines, bullets and lame clip art to highly sophisticated, full-fledged multimedia productions.

Suitcase Attaché lets you present your work with your type. It presents all your active fonts in a single, visually appealing menu that lets you quickly and easily explore your entire library. It also gives you access to over 1,200 free fonts from Google Fonts, keeping itself updated as Google adds the growing collection. How’s that for creative options?

Even if you turn off a font after using Word or PowerPoint, Suitcase Attaché automatically activates any that you’ve used in your documents and presentations.

Suitcase Attaché Brings All Your Fonts To Microsoft Word & PowerPoint


If you’re already a Suitcase Fusion user, Attaché will automatically detect that library and auto-activate fonts from your collection. You can even browse your entire Fusion library right from Suitcase Attaché.

Now you really have no excuse to use Times New Roman for that annual report or brown bag PechaKucha. Suitcase Attaché sets you free—along with your clients and colleagues.

Try Suitcase Attaché free for 7 days

Attaché is easy to love, but we want to make it even easier. When you buy Suitcase Fusion, you get Suitcase Attaché free. Or you can download it standalone-style for $20.

Still not sure? Try Suitcase Attaché (for Windows) free for 7 days.

Now go make those docs and presentations beautiful, people!