Professional Services with Chris Stevens -


Professional Services with Chris Stevens

Tuesday April 24th, 2012 by Extensis

Chris Stevens provides professional services in the UK for Extensis. He is one of our Sales Engineers and has been with us for nine years. Check out below what he has to say about Professional Services and how it could be beneficial for your organisation.

What is the largest and smallest number of assets you have ever encountered?

For Portfolio I’ve encountered 3,000 in the smallest catalogue, 380,000 in the largest. I’ve also seen variations from 700 fonts up to 30,000 fonts on a Universal Type Server.

What is a typical day onsite with Professional Services?

  • Morning – get the software installed and IT up to speed on how it all works
  • Afternoon – configure the software to meet with customers specific environment
  • Also training of the power users
  • By the end of the day, this should be enough to be able to start using the software straight away, safe in the knowledge that it’s all covered for backups etc., and also with the knowledge gained to start building on this moving forwards and get it the way they want it.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever come across at a customer site?

I had one install where the Server room was surrounded by thousands of boxes full of merchandise. I’ve never seen so many cardboard boxes in one place before in my life! Also an install that was shooting photography in-house and it was fun trying to concentrate on the software install and training whilst fashion models kept walking past. It is ‘Professional’ services though so I was not unduly affected though may have had the odd glance away from the computer screen!

What’s the most difficult problem you’ve ever had to resolve?

I recall one customer who had over 4,000 duplicate files on their fileserver. It was wasting a lot of disk space, but it was left to me to clean it up and remove the duplicates as part of the service, using Portfolio! I had to compare the 4,000 or so with their duplicates to identify where files were exactly the same picture (size, resolution etc.), or where they were different but shared the same name. Then tidy things up so that they could have a picture library with unique filenames and only one copy of each unique picture. That took a while, but using the Portfolio Client to do help compare files was a lot quicker than any other way I know!

What kind of companies have you implemented Extensis software in?

It’s been quite broad for me. Fashion, Retail, Manufacturers, Media, Governmental, Publishing/Agencies, but the ones I’ve done the most at have been Universities, Heritage & Culture sites and Charities. So I tend to get assigned to those customers again as it’s easier to relate to their situation when you’ve served others in the same industry before.

Why should a customer invest in Extensis Professional Services?

It’s simply the quickest way to get up and running with the software, but more importantly get the knowledge of how the product works and what it can do, without having to teach yourself from manuals and presentations. That one to one interaction where you can ask any question and get an instant answer can save a lot of time which is money saved!