The Portfolio Server Application Programming Interface (API) Revealed -


The Portfolio Server Application Programming Interface (API) Revealed

Thursday October 17th, 2013 by Extensis

Have you ever read an article on digital asset management and thought ‘What did I just read’? DAMS tech is full of cryptic acronyms. I’ve been known to read around the abbreviations rather than spend time using Google or Wikipedia to decipher complex language. If you’re reading this article there is a high chance you’ve read lots of content around digital asset management systems (DAMS). Let’s explore one of the more exciting acronyms – API. API or Application Programming Interface offers a convenient way to share data or specific features between your Portfolio Solution and other core business systems. For example it can be used to easily add product imagery from your DAM to accompany a product SKU in a specifications data-centric application. Discover more about APIs from

a previous post. I’d also like to share how one organization is leveraging an API to work smarter and more efficiently: Courtauld Institute of Art Video Do you currently have a process in place that could be improved by utilizing an API? Let me know in the comments section.