Let Creativity Flourish: Make Your Type Count


Let Creativity Flourish: Make Your Type Count

Wednesday November 13th, 2013 by Extensis

WebINK helps you beautify the web with typography

We’re bringing you the latest edition of Let Creativity Flourish, a series dedicated to helping you m­ake the world more beautiful with innovative design tools and creative tips. This month we’re featuring WebINK, our web font service that lets web designers boldly go anywhere creativity takes them.

Let Creativity Flourish: Make Your Type Count with WebINK. Oliver Reichenstein

Why typography is so important on the web

Typography should be one of the most important things to consider when designing a website. But don’t just take our word for it. Great minds such as Oliver Reichenstein state that web design is 95% typography. The majority of websites continue to be copy-heavy. Your job is to make the audience want to read the content. The way you present the copy will inform how successful the website becomes and how long a user will stick around and explore.

Just think about your favorite websites. The ones that are most engaging and informative. The ones that engage you to peruse all the information. Strip away the photos and the videos, and you’re probably left with is some stunning typography.

Checkout how this type-heavy site—A Working Library—serves up their content in a captivating way.

Explore the artistic realm of typography on the web with Smashing Magazine.

Let Creativity Flourish: Make Your Type Count with WebINK. Gutenberg says hang your punctuation.
Brush up on your typography basics with the WebINK blog


Brush up on your typography basics

In order to pick the right web fonts for your web design using WebINK, one must understand the fundamentals of typography. Learn the different categories of type, which fonts are better suited for body copy, and which ones evoke certain qualities such as academia. Do the terms descender, cross stroke, overshoot, or spur ring a bell? Understanding the basics of how letters are formed and interact will help you make better design decisions when it comes to type. Do you know which fonts read best as body copy and which work best as headlines? Maintaining the correct guidelines for selecting and using fonts will help your designs become more enjoyable to read.

Want more insights? Typography Daily has compiled a great list of reading resources from basic elements to breaking the grid.

Want to practice your typography skills? Improve your abilities and get a better understanding of the ins and outs of type on our WebINK blog.

Let Creativity Flourish: Make Your Type Count with WebINK
Ready to work some beautiful type into your web design? Explore the WebINK web font library.

Raise the creative bar with WebINK

Ready to work some beautiful type into your web design? WebINK takes the hassle out of ensuring your typography vision reaches your entire online audience. To start you can search our library, filled with thousands of high quality fonts, and begin creating a project in our easy-to-use type drawer system. Integrating fonts into your site is also a breeze, as WebINK takes care of the technical details. You just have to add a short snippet of code to your site.

Why WebINK?

Beyond just being easy-to-use, WebINK will elevate your web design to new creative heights. Here’s a few reasons why our web font service will help you make the world of web design much more beautiful (and legible):

Let Creativity Flourish: Make Your Type Count with WebINK Foundry Partners
Work with the world’s best type designers with WebINK


Work with the world’s best type designers—The best quality web fonts come from the best foundries. WebINK links you to over 30 foundries all across the world. Check them out!

Tap into a growing library—Explore the ever-expanding universe of typography with our collection. WebINK puts upwards of 5000 stunning web fonts at your fingertips. Make your design stand out with our web font collection.

Trust in our rendering abilities—Rest assured, your web fonts will always render on-screen. Each and every WebINK font has been manually inspected to ensure its readability is up to par.

Envision with precision—Wondering how a font will render at a certain size? Our web fonts have been assigned a minimum size recommendation so you know what fonts work best with headlines, subheads, body copy and small text.

Quickly find your perfect match—In a jam for a deadline or stumped on finding the right font? WebINK links keywords such as calligraphy, vintage, or sci-fi to each font so you can quickly search for what you need.

Get extensive language support—All font families cover English and Western European languages. [70% include Eastern European languages like Polish, Romanian and Czech and 25% include Cyrillic languages like Russian, Serbian and Romanian].

The beginning of better web design

We have a feeling you’re going to love working with professional quality fonts on the web. (And your clients and audience will love reading beautiful type too.) So, ready to get started? First, take a tour for a more in-depth look. You can see how easy it is to create great design for the web. See the showcase of sites using WebINK and explore how they’ve been using the web font service.

If you’re ready to take the leap, try before you buy with a Free Developer Account.

Was this advice helpful? What do you think about the tools? Share your thoughts and let us know how you’re using WebINK in the comment section below.

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Keep up the beautiful design, and be sure to check back for another edition of Let Creativity Flourish. Every month we’ll have new insider information devoted to honing your skills and utilizing resources to the fullest so your design skills can truly flourish.