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Let Creativity Flourish: Get a grip on your glyphs

Wednesday October 30th, 2013 by Extensis

QuickMatch™—Find similar fonts

Meet our powerful font comparison tool: QuickMatch™

Welcome to the first edition of Let Creativity Flourish! This series serves up tips, tricks, and tools of the design trade that allow your work to run smoother so you can focus on the important things—like making the world more beautiful. Check back every month for insider information devoted to honing your skills and utilizing resources to the fullest so your design can flourish.

Your font library’s new best friend

How much time do you spend searching for fonts? Whether you’re matching type or choosing a font for a new design, a few minutes or hours per project can really add up over time. With most font collections running into the thousands, you need an efficient way to search for the right font.

Let me introduce you to the time-saving technology behind QuickMatch, a service built into Suitcase Fusion™ 5. This font finder is an instant glyph comparison tool to help you locate similar fonts in your collection.

Working with a font that’s almost perfect, but want to explore more options? Use QuickMatch to easily find comparable fonts from your entire font suitcase so you can find a better alternative.

Want to locate all the fonts that contain a similar type of lowercase “g”? QuickMatch can instantly tell you which fonts in your collection contain the sought after glyph.

Have a font you’d like to use but need a slightly different version or format? QuickMatch will show you every corresponding font option in your suitcase.

The magic behind our font matchmaker:

Here’s how it works. Add your fonts to Suitcase Fusion and their glyph traits are inspected and stored for future reference. While you’re on the hunt for comparable fonts, type text into the QuickType™ Preview Pane and choose QuickMatch.

QuickMatch™—quick glyph comparison tool built into Suitcase Fusion
On the hunt for comparable fonts? Type into the QuickType™ Preview Pane and choose QuickMatch.


Suitcase runs a speedy glyph-level comparison of the text in the preview pane and locates fonts that contain similar glyphs.

But that’s not all this impressive font-finder does. QuickMatch makes it easy to keep your web fonts consistent with fonts used in offline and print projects. You can also use QuickMatch to find web fonts from WebINK or Google Web Fonts that are similar to your desktop fonts.

Streamline your font search for logo design

When it comes to logos, it’s crucial to find the perfect font. A company’s mark is the building blocks of their brand, so a lot of care and consideration goes into this decision. When beginning a logo design project, you may explore upwards of 100 typefaces before narrowing down the specific style that works best. From there you have to find the exact font that fits your vision. This can (and should) take time, but QuickMatch can help simplify your hunt. Once you land on a certain style of typeface, QuickMatch searches for similar fonts so you explore all your options.

How Extensis found the perfect font

For the Extensis logo redesign, we leaned more toward script faces during our early exploration, because we liked the flow between letterforms.

QuickMatch™—Find similar script faces for your logo design
Script font exploration during the Extensis brand identity refresh


But as we explored and experimented, slab serif became our chosen direction. Next we faced the challenge of finding the perfect slab serif. QuickMatch helped us consider Crete Rounded, Museo, and Susan, among others before landing on Adelle.

QuickMatch™—Find similar slab serif faces for your logo design
Slab serif font exploration for the Extensis logo redesign


The tool saved us time and helped us explore more fonts that we would have without it!

The fonts you choose in your logo design become more important as you narrow in on your final mark. QuickMatch can come in handy for an array of other design debacles:

Licensing Your Logo: You designed a new mark and found the perfect logotype. Everything’s set. But, eek! You read the EULA (End User Licensing Agreement) for the font and realized that it isn’t available for licensing for use in a logo, serious bummer! But, have no fear, QuickMatch can help you find the next best thing.

Matching Unknown Fonts: Re-creating a file from scratch or having trouble finding that one particular font? Sometimes you can’t remember the typeface’s name but can remember some qualities of the characters themselves. Take the guesswork out of the equation and let QuickMatch search your suitcase.

Consistent Branding on the Web: Time to translate your brand online or designing a web project based on a print piece? Search for similar fonts that are available from the WebINK library while searching in QuickMatch and find a corresponding web font that will keep your branding consistent.

So, are you ready to navigate the depths of your font suitcase with QuickMatch? I recommend downloading a free, fully functional trial version of Suitcase Fusion 5 and trying QuickMatch for yourself. No registration necessary, so start getting a grip on your glyphs!

Was this advice helpful? What do you think about the tools? Share your thoughts below and let us know how you’re employing Suitcase Fusion 5 with QuickMatch in your process.

Keep up the beautiful design, and be sure to check back for another edition of Let Creativity Flourish.